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Molly Steinsapir Dies: ‘Worst Nightmare’, whose Mother Chronic her Bicycle Injury
Molly was seriously injured on January 31, and hundreds of thousands of Twitter users followed her story, 12-year-old Molly Steinsapir, whose war for recovery after a traumatic bike accident captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of Twitter users, died, her mother Kaye explained.

Molly has been in treatment at UCLA since she was critically injured on January 31, and Kaye has been posting regular updates about her condition on Twitter where the story went viral.

“Molly hosted G d. We relax knowing that twelve years of Molly are filled with love and joy, while our hearts are broken as if they could never be repaired. We are extremely blessed to be her parents,” Kaye wrote on Monday. “We know he’s watching and smiling at his two beloved little brothers Nate and Eli, as well as his cat Leroy and his dog Calvin.” According to the New York Daily News, both Kaye and her husband Jon Steinsapir are Los Angeles’ leading lawyers, and Jon worked at Michael Jackson’s mansion.

Kaye initially shared Molly’s story on the day of the accident that happened while her daughter was going downhill while wearing a helmet. A friend he was riding with was able to mark a car and asked the driver for help. Tweets have chronicled the ups and downs of Molly’s care, including MRIs, blood transfusions, and multiple surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain.

A tweet in which Kaye said “every parent had their worst nightmare” got more than 200,000 likes and at one point Star Wars star Mark Hamill tweeted his good wishes. My cousin told me that Mark Hamill liked one of my Tweets, “he wrote.” When I asked if I was an ice skater, everyone laughed and corrected me. Molly and Nate won’t believe them when I tell them that even Luke Skywalker is on our side. We are constantly reminding that there is light in the dark ”

In addition to updates on Molly’s situation, Kaye has also helped her followers get to know the break, as well as the fact that she is an animal-loving vegetarian with a keen interest in government and politics who hopes to become an actress or politician one day. Some of you wonder why I shared what happened to us. Writing and sharing my pain helps reduce my pain. When I sit here in this sterile room for hours, your messages of hope make me feel less alone. Kaye, even my husband who is very special on February 4th loves to read. “Believe me, I wish I would do nothing but desperately pray to save my daughter on Twitter. Really anything. But I am a desperate mother and I know prayer is stronger from my cancer experience. Spilling out of support outweighs bad apples.”

A GoFundMe page that was raising money for Molly’s treatment raised around $ 20,000 before donations were disabled.