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The note left at the gates of Queen’s Park tonight and swearing ‘to fight for a better world’ touched the First Minister. Nicola Sturgeon was ‘shot’ with emotional tribute to Moria Jones as part of the Reclaim The Streets protest.

The note left at the gates of Queen’s Park tonight, promising to ‘fight for a better world’, touched the First Minister.

Moria was raped and killed after being dragged home to Queen’s Park on the south side of Glasgow on her way home after a night out in 2008.

Now, after the tragic death of Sarah Everard, who disappeared on her way home from a friend’s house last week, women are protesting across the country to Save the Streets.

Tributes are plastered over Queens Park park gates as people leave touching messages and ribbons.

The Prime Minister shared one of these notes: “It’s for Moira Jones, which I think of every time I walk in this park.

“We will fight to make a better world x.”

Sturgeon admitted that he thought Moira was tragic while wandering around the area and shared her tribute on social media. He tweeted: “He hit this photo through the gates of Queens Park tonight.

“The park is in the heart of my constituency, and I think of Moira whenever I pass or walk around it.


The event was organized by ‘Save These Streets’, the monuments aim to highlight the issue of women’s safety in the streets following another tragic incident in which a woman was killed while trying to return home.

The incident began when Sarah, 33, disappeared on 3 March after leaving her friend’s house in the Clapham area of ​​London to walk home alone.

After being reported never to return home, a major police search began.

Serving police officer Wayne Couzens, 48, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

A number of events were organized in the UK by Reclaim the Streets, but these were canceled and protesters were advised to stay home due to Covid concerns. Large crowds continued to gather in London and clashes with police took place.

The police caught and dragged several women standing on the stage at Clapham Common, causing the crowd to mock and scream.

In Scotland, however, protesters appear to follow recommendations to stay at socially remote lane-tie events in places including Queen’s Park.

The organizers, who posted a post on Facebook, wrote: “These are not meetings, but rather places where people – if they choose – will be shown for Sarah and all women.

“We ask you to tie a ribbon around fences or electric poles as a show of solidarity and / or a note (this could be what scares you about your own experiences or Sarah’s story, if you mind sharing it and please add whatever you want to see it change. ) and then go home safely. ”Moira Jones was brutally attacked by Marek Harcar about 13 years ago in Glasgow.

Harcar was sentenced to life in prison for rape and murder of Moira in 2009, and was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison. She had come to Glasgow just 10 days before the murder.

He spent the afternoon of May 2008, the day of the murder, drinking vodka and can of beer in his bed.

That night, she kidnapped Moira while parking her car near Queen’s Park. CCTV footage showed the 44-year-old Harcar 6ft 3 and forced him into the park. She was injured 65 after raping, beating and stamping her.

His body was found the next day. Harcar then took a plane to the Czech Republic and took a bus to Slovakia.

The police tracked him down through DNA samples from his Glasgow apartment and arrested him at his grandmother’s home in Nalepkovo.

The murder shocked the nation, and there was more outrage when it turned out. Harcar was allowed to enter England despite a series of violent evidence.