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Michael Hetle Wiki – Michael Hetle Biography

Who Is Michael Hetle ?

A former cop, a NASA administrator, was convicted of murder after killing his next-door neighbor after years of fighting over loud music, garbage, and dog poop.

Michael Hetle shot 24-year-old Maryland National Guard Javon Prather in Springfield, Virginia, a suburb of Washington DC, in March 2020.

Michael Hetle Age

He Is 54 Year Old.

Michael Hetle Charged, Investigation & More Facts

  • Michael Hetle, 54, was found guilty of first-degree murder on Thursday for the murder of his 24-year-old neighbor, Javon Prather.
  • When Hetle knocks on Prather’s door to confront him about an earlier argument, he is seen in the video shooting Prather fatally seven times in six seconds.
  • The two Virginia neighbors fought for three years before the deadly shooting on March 4, 2021.Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano believes the shooting was racially based

He then aimed the gun at Prather’s wife, and his wife ran to save him and shouted: ‘You want it too?

A jury debated in the Fairfax County courtroom on Thursday from 10:00 to 16:30 to find him guilty of first-degree murder.

Hetle could be sentenced to life in prison when convicted on January 28.

He tried to claim that Prather had fired in self-defense to protect his family, claiming that he had threatened him months before the fatal encounter.

However, the jury did not believe Hetle’s defense after video footage of the violent attack was shown as evidence. Fairfax County prosecutor Joe Martin shared in court that Hetle sent an email to the neighborhood association warning that his case with Prather could lead to “tragedy.”

On March 4, 2020, Hetle fired seven shots in six seconds, killing his neighbor with whom he shared the wall, while nearby residents and the victim’s wife watched in shock.

Prosecutors said Hetle regretted that the homeowners’ association and police did not take further action on their complaints about Prather.

Video footage recorded on Hetle’s Ring doorbell camera captured the deadly encounter.

Prather is seen knocking on Hetle’s front door. Hetle claimed that Prather knocked on the door so violently that the door was forced open.

“It was an expression of pure anger,” Hetle said in court, describing Prather’s face before he opened fire. His eyes were large and bloodshot.

It is then seen that the former police officer came out and fired seven shots without saying anything.

Hetle was recorded on the last shot as Hetle fired four rounds at close range, Prather firing two shots in the back as he fled and fell from the front steps, and Prather lying in Hetle’s driveway.

Prather’s wife Janelle is later seen running towards her husband as Hetle points her gun at him: ‘You want it too?’

While she tries to reach her husband’s body, she yells to call the police, while her husband continues to shout: ‘Fuck off’, ‘Get out’, ‘Get out’. Prather’s wife finally ignores the threats and mustered up the courage to drag her husband’s body into their garden.

One of Prather’s relatives became emotional when the disturbing clip was played in court and began to cry uncontrollably.

Fairfax County prosecutor Lyle Burnham referred to the shooting as an execution in his closing statement.

He said: ‘He didn’t want Javon to get hurt. He didn’t want Javon to go. He wanted Javon dead.

The animosity between the neighbors began in 2017 when Hetle claimed that Prather used his hose after not allowing him to use it to clean his car.

Things escalated over the next three years when Hetle issued a restraining order against Prather’s wife after allegedly throwing items at her house and car.

Hetle reported her neighbors to the police several times. Other video evidence shown in court shows Prather yelling from his porch as police officers exited Hetle’s home.

Prather’s wife insists that the conflict between Hetle, a white man, and Prather, a bi-racial man, was racially motivated, as Hetle revealed that Hetle often referred to his neighbor using a racial slur.

Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney Steve Descano acknowledged that he believes race played a role in the shooting.

‘Mr. Prather served in the Maryland National Guard and had a bright future ahead, Descano said. ‘He should be with his family and community today.’

During the shoot, Hetle worked as the executive officer of the co-director of the Aeronautical Research Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters.

He previously worked for the Bellevue Police Department until his resignation in 2003 and was involved in two deadly gun attacks while on duty.

He shot and killed an unarmed Latino man during a domestic violence call in 2001, and shot and killed an armed bank robbery suspect in 2000, the Washington Post reported.

Hetle was cleared of any crime in both cases, but the unarmed Latino man’s family filed a civil lawsuit against him and the city. The family later settled the case for $75,000.


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