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Accused in Capitol Riot, Spent Several Years in Prison for Attempted Murder

Michael Thomas Curzio, one of the people facing federal accusations of the raid on the Capitol, has a criminal record of attempted murder. Curzio spent more than five years in prison before being released in February 2019, according to the Florida Penitentiary Agency.

Curzio was arrested on January 14th and taken to Marion County Prison in Ocala, Florida for being involved in the Capitol riot.

Curzio was one of the first person prosecutors of the US Attorney General’s Office to be found in the Capitol Building during the January 6 riot in D.C. Curzio faces two federal charges, according to a press release issued by the ministry on January 8:

Knowingly entering or staying in any restricted building or ground without legal authority; or knowingly engaging in irregular behavior on the Capitol grounds for the purpose of obstructing government business or official functions
Violent entrance and erratic behavior on the Capitol grounds
Prosecutors described Curzio as one of six people observed during the riot “on the Upper Level of the United States Capitol Visitor Center, near the gate of the House Atrium.” Authorities said Curzio was standing in front of the crowd next to a Capitol Police Officer and ignored the police order to leave the building.

Curzio appears to have deleted or suspended social media accounts after the charges were made public. However, according to ABC member WFTV, Curzio said on social media the day after the uprising, “Our goal was made clear yesterday. I do not regret anything. ”

The news outlet also wrote about Curzio’s trip to Washington DC on his Facebook page before January 6: “If anything happens – (cursing), we’ll be arrested or killed – just know that I love you all and what I have done I believed. , I did it because it was the right thing to do. ”

A woman who identifies as Curzio’s roommate, Melissa Restifo, defended her in an interview with local ABC member WFTV. She claimed that Curzio didn’t plan to enter the Capitol. “The crowd was so big that you can’t go anywhere but forward, so they were effectively pushed in, I understand how I was told,” Restifo said.

Restifo insisted that Curzio had no ties to any activist groups. As the New York Times reported, white nationalists, QAnon conspiracy theorists and those from the far-right group Proud Boys were among those involved in the Capitol rebellion.

Restifo further defended Curzio’s character. “He’s not the one to go there and destroy things and hurt other people,” Restifo said to the Restifo exit. “He is a very loving and kindhearted person. He will give you his shirt on his back and will do anything in the world for you. But I think the whole thing feels so intense and that’s why it’s gone initially. ”

According to the news of Ocala Star-Banner, Curzio shot her ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend in the chest during an encounter at home in April 2012. According to the newspaper, Curzio told investigators that he was concerned about the safety of his ex-girlfriend after he stopped responding to his text messages and phone calls.

Curzio told detectives that he bought ammo from Wal-Mart before going to his old home. The shot victim Ariel Ramos opened the door. Curzio confessed to the police that he pointed the loaded gun at Ramos after he started the argument. However, he claimed that the shooting was an accident. Curzio claimed that the gun accidentally detonated when Ramos took Curzio’s hand.

However, the Ocala Star-Banner reported, Ramos said it was not an accident. Ramos told his aides that he heard Curzio shot him in the chest and then Curzio said, “I told you I would do this.”

Curzio was arrested and charged with attempted murder. The Marion County court records show that prosecutors are moving forward with a trial and jury selection will begin on April 22, 2013.

But before the jury trial could begin, Curzio decided to plead guilty to attempted first-degree murder. If Curzio had been convicted by a jury, he could have been sentenced to life under Florida law.

Instead, Curzio was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Marion County court records show that Curzio was behind bars before pleading guilty. The record shows that Curzio received a 1-year loan for its service period.