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Michael Burciaga Wiki (Pregnant Girlfriend to Death)

Michael Burciaga His Pregnant Girlfriend to Death in Front of Her Children,

Police 33 said was accused of stabbing her pregnant girlfriend in front of her three children. According to court documents from News4, the incident occurred shortly after midnight on Tuesday, December 15th, at a residence on Tule Street in Nixon, Nevada. The exit reported that when the police responded to the house, they were greeted by three children who said their mother had been stabbed.

News4 wrote that the Washoe County Medical Examination Office identified the victim as 37-year-old Amanda Davis. According to court documents, she was found face down in the main bathroom and died at the scene despite officers’ attempts to treat her injuries.

 U.S. Attorney’s Office Statement

The US Attorney General has made a statement about the incident saying that Burciaga was accused of second degree killing of an indigenous woman in the Pyramid Lake Indian Reserve. He will appear in a jury trial on February 22, 2021, and face life imprisonment if convicted. He is currently being held in Washoe County prison, according to public records.  According to the US Law Firm’s statement, the criminal complaint showed that Burciaga stabbed Davis repeatedly in a “domestic violence incident” with different knives. Shortly after the police officers arrived, the three children said, “It’s back! The court documents have returned, ”said News4. The US Attorney General stated that the officers later found Burciaga outside the house. “I already know what happened and I know what I was doing, so I cut my wrist,” the 33-year-old man told the officers. The officers gave first aid to the incision on his hand, and Burciaga was later brought to the hospital for treatment. In the press release, on the way he told them Davis was the father of his unborn child. According to a statement written by the Reno Gazette Journal, FBI Special Agent Adam Hawkins, Davis’ daughter, one of three children found in the residence at the time of the murder, called the police and said Burciaga stabbed her mother. He said that his brother woke him up to say that his mother was stabbed. After being stabbed, Davis took his children to the main bedroom and barricaded the door. The exit reports that Burciaga entered the room despite the obstacle, and Davis hit her with a baseball bat. Then he took his pregnant girlfriend into the main bathroom and started stabbing her once more. In his sworn statement, he said that one of the boys hit him with a lamp, but continued to attack Davis. Davis was a member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and Hundreds Hold a Watch to Honor Him Davis was a member of the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, and the president made a short statement on Facebook about his death confirming the “loss of a tribe member”. President Anthony J. Sampson Sr. said, “I want to express my deepest condolences to the Sander / Davis family for the loss of family members.