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Mia Strothers, was fatally injured and died three days after the hit-and-run incident on her way to school in Moston, North Manchester, in October.

In a statement that driver Kevin Pryce was sentenced to ten years in prison at Manchester Crown Court, Mia’s mother Vicky Orman said that ‘it will never be the same again’.

Mia Strothers Age

She Was 14 Year Old

Mia Strothers Death

Mia was killed by someone reckless, and in that moment everything in my life changed. ‘ ‘Since then I have not been the same and will never be the same again.’

Pryce, 45, was under the influence of cannabis and cocaine when she hit Mia in a BMW 318, which was mistakenly driven twice the speed limit.

He fled the scene after the collision, later telling a friend that the damage to the windshield was caused by someone throwing a brick at the car.

Described as ‘beautiful, kind, and much loved,’ Mia was hospitalized, but died from her injuries three days later.

In the testimony of Miss Forest, she described how Mia ‘felt happy, fit, and well to go to school,’ and added: ‘but she didn’t return home that day.’

He said: ‘I received a phone call late that morning stating that he was seriously injured after being hit by a car, but I was not aware of how serious his injuries would be.

When I arrived he was lying there in a black fur coat covered in blood, a sight that will haunt me for the rest of my life. I was hoping the paramedics would cure him and everything would be fine, but that didn’t happen.

He was taken to intensive care and we sat next to him with a nightmare for the next three days. As she was a strong, healthy girl and there was hope, I hoped and prayed for her recovery and withdrawal, but we knew we had to say goodbye by October 7.

My daughter was gone forever. Leaving my beautiful daughter and leaving the hospital was not real. I could not understand the situation.

I was and still my heart was broken. How does a mother accept the death of one of her children? There is a void in my life that can never be filled, and it’s hard to imagine a future without Mia.

This man was so reckless and heartless that he left him so injured on the side of the road. Our sense of loss is unbearable. ‘

The tragedy gained momentum on October 5 when Mia crossed a road to the North Manchester Academy.

Prosecutor Mark Kellett told the court that Pryce was driving on 30mph street at almost twice the speed limit at that time.

“It seemed to be going faster than cars and it didn’t break, change direction, or react to the pedestrian,” Kellett said. Her car crashed into the girl, threw her into the air, but still continued unabated.

The victim was on the phone with a friend shortly before he was shot. He talked about what he was doing over the weekend and then said ‘one second’ as he always does before crossing the street.

“The cause of the collision was not that the victim did not look before setting off, but because of the defendant’s carelessness, excessive speed and faulty brakes.”

Pryce then went to a friend’s house before heading to a nearby garage to inquire about the price of a new windshield. He then surrendered to the police.

He later claimed he had ‘problems’ with his brakes, which were shown to be only 44 percent effective.

Investigations revealed that he knew the brakes were defective because he asked repairers two weeks ago to estimate the cost of repairs.

Tests also proved that his system at that time had three micrograms of cannabis per liter of blood plus 47 mg of cocaine.

The police found that Mia would still be alive if she was traveling within the speed limit.

The young’s father, Daniel Strothers, said in a statement: ‘I cannot understand that another person could leave a child to die on the roadside.

The thought of him lying on the road kills me. Family is everything to me and I have worked hard to provide them. One day he will be free and I will not be.

“As I was worried, my life ended when Mia died.”

Pryce, the security guard from Oldham, was banned from driving for life and sentenced to ten years in prison after admitting that he caused death from driving dangerously, stopping, driving without a license and driving without insurance.

At court, Judge Hilary Manley told her: ‘Mia Strothers was a happy, well-loved 14-year-old who was valued and valued by her family.

Just a second before he was impressed by you, he was happily chatting with a schoolmate and looking forward to moving to a new family home with more space to have fun.

She had her whole life ahead of her, but in seconds you severed her from her family, leaving behind ruin, despair and a bleak void.