Who Is Mercedes Javid & Tommy Feight? Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Career, Family, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Mercedes Javid & Tommy Feight Wiki – Biography

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Shahs of Sunset is back for another season, which means star Mercedes Javid and his wife Tommy Feight will be back on our screens. Over the years, Javid has given viewers a glimpse of his luxurious lifestyle living in Los Angeles with his friends and family.

So how much money do Javid and her husband have? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Javid’s estimated net worth is $ 5 million, while Feight’s has not been reported. Here’s what you need to know about the net worth of “Sunset Kings” stars.

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Tommy Feight Net Worth

Wife/Spouse Name: Mercedes “MJ” Javid (m. 2018)
Kids/Children Name: Shams
Profession: Businessmen and celebrity spouse

Net Worth: $1 Million

Mercedes Javid

People wonder what MJ did for a living, so let’s have a look. MJ is a real estate agent. According to Distractify, Keller is part of Williams and a “top” agent in Beverly Hills. The list states that MJ’s commissions will be very high for selling homes in the Beverly Hills area.

Mercedes Javid

Mercedes “MJ” Javid is one of the most controversial actors in Bravo’s “Shahs of Sunset”, especially given his long-standing feud with most of the cast. Still, as we enter Season 9, MJ may be a brand new woman. Having a son Shams Francis Feight, born in 2019, he returned to the real estate agent game that turned him into a working mom. MJ was restricted at the age of 18 after being accused of bank fraud.

Yes. In 1990, Mercedes was working at Home Savings Bank in Beverly Hills, according to Starcasm, and four men approached her to join a plan. They threatened his family if he didn’t participate, so he deposited money for the men – more than $ 100,000 in total – and he would hold the deposit and then withdraw the money for them. They didn’t even compensate him for the plan, but he still had to pay $ 10,000 and be detained. Since bank fraud can be loosely related to real estate, the app license is always in limbo, according to Radar Online. Still, despite his previous crimes, MJ is still worth a ton of cash.

Net Worth

It’s worth $ 5 million. He is the person who clearly makes a living for his marriage. Her husband, Tommy Feight, is the marketing director of Blow & Drive Interlock, with an estimated net worth of less than $ 1 million per Celebrity today. According to TV Guide, “Shahs of the Sunset” reported that in 2013, he earned about $ 18,000 per episode, and when MJ was given the lead role, he likely made a profit somewhere close to that.