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 Megan Hardwick & Ruby Cuskern Wiki – Missing, Last Seen

Finally, desperate search for young girls on the field where the police left their clothes
Cleveland Police are increasingly worried about Ruby Cuskern and Megan Hardwick and told the two young girls to contact them, stressing that they ‘won’t get in trouble’.
The police, who desperately searched for the missing two young men, posted photos of what the couple was wearing.

Ruby Cuskern, and Megan Hardwick, wanted people to know they were safe.

These were last seen at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday night in a field in the Eastbourne area of ​​Stockton, but they did not return home or contact the family.

Although there have been numerous searches reporting the sight of Cleveland Police, none of them could be confirmed.

The force assured the girls that they had no problems and urged them to contact them so that the police could ascertain that they were both safe and well.
A spokesperson said: “If Ruby and Megan see this message, please call the Cleveland Police on 101 as soon as possible to let us know you are safe and well.

“You’re not in trouble, we just need to know you’re fine!”
It was thought that the girls could get around by bus or public transport. The police also asked the parents and caregivers of those who knew Ruby and Megan to talk to their children and ask if they had seen them or knew where they were.

He wears Ruby white, fake tan, 5ft tall, long brown hair and brown framed glasses.

Megan Hardwick & Ruby Cuskern Age

Ruby Cuskern, 14, and Megan Hardwick, 15