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Who Is Matthew Katzman? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Matthew Katzman Wiki Matthew Katzman Biography

Who Is Matthew Katzman ?

Katzman is an American citizen and Oxford University professor who is causing controversy for his role in the efforts of a group of students to remove a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from a wall at Oxford University’s Magdalen College.

“The 25-year-old presented the measure to ‘cancel’ the Queen in her role as president of the Magdalen Central Common Room (MCR), which is made up of graduates.”

Matthew Katzman Age

Matthew Katzman 25 Year Old

Matthew Katzman and the Queen

The Sun reported that Katzman is 25 years old and “the son of a prominent Maryland attorney.” According to NPR, the queen’s portrait will be removed from a room at Oxford University’s Magdalen College because students raised concerns about colonialism.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson tweeted: “Oxford University students removing a picture of the queen is simply absurd. She is the Head of State and a symbol of the best of the UK. During his long reign, he has worked tirelessly to promote British values ​​of tolerance, inclusion and respect around the world. “The Daily Mail reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he supported Williamson’s comments. But others have supported the Decision to Delete the Portrait Most of the students voted to remove the portrait and one student said that “patriotism and colonialism are not really separable.”

The portrait will be replaced by “art by or from other influential and inspiring people,” The Sun reported.

According to NPR, the university said the decision was up to the students; a group of students originally chose to hang the portrait first.

NPR noted that “the British media are also pointing out that the Magdalen central common room is currently chaired by an American, Matthew Katzman.” Daily Mail shouted: “The student who canceled the Queen is a visiting American: a Stanford graduate made a motion to withdraw the royal portrait at Magdalen College, Oxford as MPs line up to condemn the move.”

The Daily Mail noted that Katzman is “the son of a prominent lawyer for the international firm Steptoe & Johnson. His family lives in a £ 4 million mansion in Washington DC. ”

According to the Daily Mail, Katzman, the son of business attorney Scott Katzman, said the measure does not “amount to a statement about the Queen” but was removed to create “a welcoming and neutral place for all members, regardless of origin, demographics, or views. ”

Katzman released a lengthy statement to the Daily Mail that also read:

Magdalen College MCR yesterday [Monday] voted to remove a cheap print of the queen that was hung in the common room a few years ago (a motion that I made in my role as president of MCR, as I make all the motions raised in a sub – committee). It is safely stored and will remain in the MCR art collection. The action was taken after a discussion about the purpose of the space, and it was decided that the room should be a welcoming and neutral place for all members, regardless of their background, demographics or points of view. The Royal Family is on display in many areas of the university, and it was finally agreed that it was an unnecessary addition to the common room. MCR views do not reflect Magdalen College views, and aesthetic decisions made by voting members of your committee do not amount to a statement about the Queen. In fact, no position was taken on the Queen or the Royal Family; the conclusion was simply that there were better places to hang this print. Katzman says that he is a part-time professor at Jesus College Oxford for the last year and nine months.

“One of three scholars selected to lead undergraduate computer science tutorials for Jesus College students,” he wrote. “Interact with students in private or semi-private lessons designed to improve understanding of computer science concepts. Assists with college admissions and interviews as an associate member of the Senior Common Room. ”

Before that, he was a “micro-fellow” at Wattson Blue in London. “I dived into the existing code base to understand which algorithms were relevant to the tasks assigned to me,” he wrote. “I restructured and rewrote large chunks of back-end software to significantly improve performance.”

He also tutored an artificial intelligence course for the Oxford Department of Computer Science.

He is earning his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Oxford and his field of study is computer science. He hopes to graduate in 2022.

He listed the following “Activities and groups”: President of the Computer Science Graduate Students Committee, Algorithms and Complexity Representative in the Joint Graduate Advisory Committee, Student President and Computer Science Representative in the Joint Consultative Forum Division of Mathematics and Physical / Life Sciences Graduate, Magdalen College Middle Common Room Vice President, Team Leader at The Oxford Student Consultancy.

Katzman noted that he attended Stanford University and earned a master’s and bachelor’s degrees. He tutored students in STEM fields. “I led workshops to teach LaTeX students and introductory programming skills necessary for the courses,” he wrote.

He was also a course assignment for artificial intelligence systems and theory classes.

He previously worked as an in-house trader assistant at Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG) in 2017 and for the American Institutes for Research in Washington D.C.

In the last position, he evaluated and analyzed standardized tests. In “Activities and Societies” at Stanford, he wrote: “Trumpet Section Leader and National Anthem Soloist for Leland University Marching Band Stanford Junior, Trumpeter, Stanford Wind Symphony, Chief Financial Officer of the Jewish Student Association Stanford University, Weekly Church Service Student Leader, Stanford University Science in Service Volunteer, Stanford Splash Volunteer Professor. ”

The Simons Institute has a biography of Katzman on its website. It reads,

Matthew Katzman is a first-year PhD student at Oxford University studying complexity theory with Professor Rahul Santhanam. Raised in Washington DC, he moved across the country to attend Stanford University, where he earned his BA with honors in mathematics and his MA in theoretical computer science. Matthew’s current research interests are in the fields of pseudorandomization and descrambling, and his connections to algorithms and complexity theory as a whole. Outside of academics, Matthew’s interests include the trumpet, Spartan racing, and tennis. Further controversy was generated when a Good Morning Britain guest claimed that the Queen is the “number one symbol of the world’s white supremacy.”

Professor Kehinde Andrews is the UK’s first black studies teacher, according to the Sun.

She said: “If we’re honest, the Queen doesn’t just represent modern colonialism, the Queen is probably the number one symbol of white supremacy around the world. An elite born to rule from this truly white family. The head of the Commonwealth, which is really the empire, ”The Sun reported. “Even in that picture she wears jewelry stolen from different parts of the black and brown world.”

Others have criticized the decision. Oxford Vice Chancellor Lord Patten told the Sun that the decision was “offensive and disgustingly ignorant,” and said freedom of speech allows even intelligent people to be offensive and disgustingly ignorant, “he said.



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