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The man was arrested on Tuesday for an incident in which Martin County sheriff’s inspectors called a gunman rape, rape and assault an 82-year-old woman.

Marvin Ailon-Mendoza, from the 3200 block of Southeast Garden Street in Martin County, was detained late Tuesday after investigators received a “positive DNA hit” from evidence at the woman’s home.

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The Martin County Florida Sheriff’s Office said a 20-year-old suspect was arrested last week in connection with a home invasion and sexual assault on an 82-year-old woman.

The woman told the investigators that a “masked assailant” woke her up at around 3 am inside her home in Stuart, Fla, and said the attacker later sexually beat her.

Sheriff William Snyder held a press conference in the sheriff’s office just before 22:30.

Marvin Ailon-Mendoza of Stuart was arrested by Criminal Investigation Detectives just after 20:00. Sheriff Snyder said Tuesday night.
Mendoza is charged with sexual crime, theft and false imprisonment with guns.

Four were previously arrested, including three for serious crimes, but never convicted.

Thanks to Mendoza, DNA and police work, Stuart was detained in Wawa on Johnson Street.

Snyder explained that under Florida law, DNA can be retrieved after someone is arrested for a serious crime.

When DNA extracted from body fluids found in the woman’s home was run on the database, it was immediately linked to Mendoza, as it was in the system.

According to Snyder, Mendoza was armed with a knife and used some kind of “binding material” to bind the woman.

the woman did not know each other before the attack. She told the female MPs that she locked the door that night, so it’s unclear how she smashed the door.

The night after the attack, Snyder said a large law enforcement agency had gathered in the Hidden Harbor Estates neighborhood.

According to Snyder, Mendoza, who lives in the Golden Gate community, was found while leaving Hidden Harbor Estates and was immediately questioned.

Snyder says the neighbors are afraid of the point where some people buy double locks.