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Investigators said Cpl Martinus Mitchum of the Tulane University Police Department was shot dead by 35-year-old John Shallerhorn on Friday evening. Shallerhorn tried to enter George Washington Carver High School without a mask and was stopped at the door by a staff member. According to the police, during an argument with the attendant, Mitchum intervened. It was then that Shallerhorn allegedly shot the 38-year-old officer in the chest. Shallerhorn was immediately caught and arrested; since then accused of first degree murder of a police officer

A Louisiana police officer was shot dead during a mask dispute at a high school basketball game last week.

Authorities confirmed the death of 38-year-old Cpl Martinus Mitchum from the Tulane University Police Department in a Facebook post on Saturday.

John Shallerhorn Arrest, Investigation

35-year-old John Shallerhorn has been identified by police as a suspect who fatally shot Mitchum at George Washington Carver High School at 3000 blocks from Higgins Avenue on Friday.

The school was closed after the conflict, local news outlets reported that the game was finally canceled.

The New Orleans Police Department said in a statement that the police responded to the area after being reported on Friday at 18:15 that there was a ‘police officer in danger’.

When the officers arrived on the scene, they found that Mitchum had a bullet wound in his chest.

First responders transported him to the University Medical Center in New Orleans, where he later died of his injuries. NOPD said the initial investigation revealed that Shallerhorn entered high school for a basketball game when she got into an argument with a staff member for not wearing a mask.

‘The suspect pulled a gun and opened fire,’ said Mitchum, who served as security in the incident, while trying to get himself out of the building.

Authorities say the suspect “was caught and arrested immediately”.

The police said that a policeman has since been charged with first-degree killing and armed robbery. The robbery accusation stemmed from an incident in the school parking lot.

Investigators said he robbed a man sitting in his car by waving the gun he used to shoot Mitchum.

Authorities say the suspect gave Shallerhorn the locket chain before going to school.

Ferguson said the officer was a police deputy and a Tulane University police officer at the Second City Court.

Mitchum was ‘a fixture at Carver sporting events and parades’, according to a statement from the high school.

“All audiences, families, and actors are safe – a testament to the officer, outside security support, school staff, and on-site systems.”

The school also said it will provide funding for anyone who needs support following the conflict in the Carver community.

The Tulane University Police Department made a statement on Facebook: ‘We are deeply saddened by the senseless and tragic death of TUPD Corporal Martinus Mitchum. Corporal Mitchum was a dedicated police professional who was a heart of service for the Tulane community. ‘

We reached his family and we support his fellow officers in this difficult period. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all the officers he serves. ‘

Jason Bertrand, Mitchum’s longtime friend, remembered him as a ‘hero’.

He’s a hero to me. Bertrand told WJBF like a guardian to the end, in a way like a guardian.

Mitchum’s family added to the police station that they are proud of him, saying that he loves protecting and serving his community as an officer.