Martha Elizondo Wiki

One day in 2017, Martha Elizondo found herself in the scale corridor at a local Walmart.

She said, “Good morning, America.” “I had a number that I thought I was on my mind,” she said. The number she actually saw – 250 pounds – sent her to the ground in tears.

it’s heartbroken,” said Elizondo, a high school and college athlete.

“I couldn’t believe I let it go that fast.”

Elizondo from Texas Edinburgh started her transformation on January 1, 2018. This would result in a 100-pound weight loss by February of the following year.

Start small
“I knew I didn’t want to make big changes,” she said. At the time, most of his diet consisted of fast food. She said she would go to Little Ceasars and eat all the pizza by herself. Elizondo talked about her fast-food habits and if there was a hamburger meal I had to refresh it. ”She decided to cook more meals at home and limit fast food consumption to twice a week. The following month she started using the elliptical bike for 30 minutes every day.
In April, his walk turned to running. It finally ran 5K. Then a 10K. “GMA” said Elizondo. For him, this meant skipping meals with family and friends. “They know me and I knew if they had seen me. Let me order a salad, they will ask,” she said. ” I just wanted to avoid this situation. ”

She said that Friday nights are a time spent jogging and drinking water. After she lost 100 pounds, she returned to socialize regularly and spend time with her family and friends. “They know I’m working hard and they understand where I’m coming from.”

She used food tracking app
Elizondo, My Fitness Friend, not only helped him lose weight, he is now helping him lose weight.

“She’s still my best friend,” she said. His favorite features are that the app provides calorie recommendations and allows users to upload photos so they can see their progress with each milestone reached. “It took a lot of consistency and discipline,” she said. “I don’t follow the point as closely as before, but if I’m going out that night with my friends, it helps me choose well during the day.”

Learned to love himself
The hardest part? “I learn to love myself at every pound,” said Elizondo. “He says that so many people will be happy when they reach a certain weight. “But you must learn to love yourself at every stage.

“Loving yourself with every goal you achieve helps you take the next step.”

Editor’s note: This was originally published on September 18, 2019.