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Marka Lee Bodine Wiki

Marka Lee Bodine is a former Texas middle school teacher accused of constant sexual abuse of a child. According to KRIV-TV, police said the inappropriate relationship lasted for up to three years.

The Tomball Police Chief confirmed with Heavy that an investigation was launched after a former Tomball Middle School student called the police on April 12. Bodine, 31, was arrested on April 17 and taken to Harris County Prison. He sent bonds and was released, according to court records on the Harris County District Clerk website.

Marka Lee Bodine Age

She Is 31 Year Old

Marka Lee Bodine Accused of Sexually Abusing

The Tomball Police Department announced in a news release that on April 12, the department received a phone call from a student attending Tomball Middle School. The school educates 5th and 6th grade students and is part of the Tomball Independent School District.

Student reported having “inappropriate sexual intercourse with a teacher”. Police Chief Jeff Bert announced on KRIV-TV that the seeking male student was the alleged victim.

Bert told the TV channel that physical evidence, including social media posts and text messages, showed that the relationship lasted for up to three years. “It seems that this is one of those situations that involves grooming the child, in other words, that makes the person feel trusting in the beginning.” Our biggest concern with the police department right now is to make sure we have all the evidence of this case, but to make sure that there are no other children. ”

Bodine appeared in court for the first time on April 19th. According to KPRC-TV, Bodine also went to the police to report that a former student she taught in 6th grade “abused” her. The exit, citing court documents, reported that Bodine admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with the boy, and it started in 2018 when the student was 13 years old.


Bodine was arrested on April 17th. Court records show that the bond was set at $ 100,000. He vouched for and was released on April 19.

Records show that Bodine was represented by a public lawyer. It was not immediately clear whether he was planning to hire a different defense attorney.

Bodine is accused of “continuous sexual abuse of a child”, a developed first degree crime. This charge applies if the victim is under 14 years old. Under the Texas criminal code, the punishment that can be imposed if convicted is very severe: “A crime under this episode is a first-degree serious crime punishable by imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. For life or for any period of more than 99 years or not less than 25 years. The Tomball school district launched its own investigation after police began investigating Bodine and the alleged sexual harassment. According to the prepared statement shared with KPRC-TV, the school allocated Bodine for administrative leave.

Bodine later resigned. The school statement did not indicate how quickly Bodine resigned after the investigation began, or whether the district authorities asked her to resign. In the statement, it was stated that the child involved in the incident “is not currently attending Tomball ISD schools”.

Marka Lee Bodine Education

Bodine studied at Southeast Oklahoma State University, according to her LinkedIn account. He graduated in 2012.

According to his profile on the Texas Education Agency website, Bodine has been a licensed teacher since August 2012. As of this writing, Bodine has received a license to teach English and social studies from the fourth to the eighth grade.

Bodine’s name and contact information has been removed from the Tomball Intermediate School website. However, according to his LinkedIn account, he started working in the region in 2015. A search on the school’s website at the Wayback Machine shows that in 2017, Bodine was teaching social studies to 6th grade.

Bodine appears to have deleted or increased the privacy settings of some social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram since the arrest. There are no videos on a TikTok account of his name.

Searching for online registrations reveals a WordPress website called “Wordy and Nerdy” under the name of Brand Bodine. In his biography, the author described himself as “a reader and writer who loves movies, loves sushi, listens to music, plays games, makes crosswords. I have many interests and hobbies, but I am not a master of any of them. ”

There are only five entries on the blog, all added in 2020. The first introduction spoke about his love of teaching. In part he wrote: “An interest that I cherish as best I can, my love of helping people. I may not be a superstar reading teacher, but I love helping kids find their way through dramas (or traumas) in 6th grade. I love being with my family and friends when they need me. “