Who Is Manqual Horlbeck & Tye Robinson ? Wiki, Bio, Shooting Suspect & More Facts

Manqual Horlbeck & Tye Robinson Wiki – Biography

Who Is Manqual Horlbeck & Tye Robinson ?

Tye Robinson and Manqual Horlbeck were two of the suspects arrested in connection with the shooting that killed 14-year-old Ronjanae Smith and injured more than a dozen others.

Four suspected gang members have been arrested in connection with a mass shooting at an illegal party in South Carolina last month that killed a 14-year-old girl and injured more than a dozen others.

North Charleston police and U.S. Police rounded up suspects on Thursday and charged them with manslaughter and possession of weapons in the May 22 attack that killed Ronjanae Smith in the north end of the city.

Manqual Horlbeck & Tye Robinson Arrested For The Shooting That killed Ronjanae Smith, Investigation

Suspects arrested for shooting that killed 14-year-old Ronjanae Smith and injured more than a dozen others
Police said the meeting, which officials described as an “unauthorized party”, turned deadly when a dispute between rival gangs turned violent.

“They were very worried about themselves,” North Charleston Deputy Chief Constable Ken Hagge said at a briefing Thursday.

“They don’t know how to behave in public, it’s okay,” Hagge said. “They’re supposed to stay at home, but we’re going to keep them at home now.” Police said members of the two rival gangs saw each other at the incident and opened fire, killing the 14-year-old girl and wounding 14 others in the crossfire.

Four alleged gang members — Malachi Wigfall, 18; Tye Robinson, 18; Tyquan Denard Cooper, 21; Police and Manqual said Laval Horlbeck was detained during the day on Thursday.

Hagge said police interviewed hundreds of witnesses and reviewed cell phone footage from the scene, and that more arrests are expected. Police said they expect more arrests to come in connection with the shooting. “I won’t say how many, but more will be held accountable for that.”

He said nine of the injured were young women.

“Manslaughter is murder, folks,” the vice president told reporters. “We can only use the tools in our toolbox and only charge what we can prove. Manslaughter is where we feel comfortable with these accusations today.”