Who Is Malikah Bennett ? Wiki, Bio, Murder Charged, Investigation & More Facts

Who Is Malikah Bennett ?

The Charlotte mother who made her four year-old girl represent three days in a row until she passed on from fatigue is currently being blamed for driving her 13-year-old little girl to cover her younger sibling in the back yard, as per an as of late delivered capture warrant.

Malikah Diane Bennett was charged in North Carolina on May 22 with first-degree murder, lawful offense kid misuse, causing actual injury and crime disguising a demise of her little girl Miegellic ‘Jellie’ Young, as per the Charlotte Observer.

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Malikah Bennett 31 Year Old

Malikah Bennett Murder Charged

  • Malikah Bennett charged with first degree murder, child abuse and concealing death
    The body of her 4-year-old daughter, Miegellic Young, was found in a shallow grave at Bennett’s North Carolina property in May, nine months after she was last seen.
  • New details reveal that the 31-year-old mother forced her 13-year-old daughter to bury her younger sister’s decomposing body after hiding it in her car.
  • The arrest warrant alleges that Bennett forced Miegellic to stand for three days, after which the boy passed out from exhaustion, hit his head, and stopped breathing.
  • Bennett allegedly later packed Miegellic’s body in garbage bags and placed it in the SUV and was held there for five days until the stench became unbearable.
  • That’s when Bennett allegedly dug a hole in his backyard for the 13-year-old to bury her baby’s body.
  • Miegellic’s 53-year-old grandmother, Tammy Moffett, is accused of hiding a death and accomplice after the incident

Malikah Diane Bennett was charged in North Carolina on May 22 with first-degree murder, crime youngster misuse, perpetrating actual injury and lawful offense hiding a passing of her little girl Miegellic ‘Jellie’ Young, as indicated by the Charlotte Observer.

Presently, Bennett is being blamed for driving her 13-year-old girl to cover the body of her younger sibling, as indicated by data uncovered from a recently delivered warrant.

The adolescent young lady, who was one of six kids who lived in the home with Bennett and her beau, told specialists that after Miegellic passed on, the mother put the body into two dark plastic garbage sacks prior to placing the packs in the storage compartment of her SUV, where they was left for five days.

The child’s body was kept in Bennett’s vehicle ‘until the smell turned out to be unsavory to such an extent that she had to buy a digging tool at a close by store, which was then used to delve an opening in their back yard, the warrant states. The 13-year-old was then compelled to get her dead sister’s body and cover it herself.

The young lady’s body stayed in the custom made grave until police, following up on a tip, came searching for Miegellic in late May.

‘Jellie’ was most recently seen alive around nine months prior in August or September 2020, however her remaining parts were just found keep going month on her mom’s property in Charlotte, prompting the 31-year-old’s capture.

Court records express that Miegellic fell from depletion and hit her head subsequent to being compelled to represent three days as ‘discipline’ for dirtying her jeans.

Only days after the fact, police made a subsequent capture, charging Miegellic’s grandma, 53-year-old Tammy Moffett, with covering a passing and frill sometime later.

‘I’ve worked manslaughter the vast majority of the most recent 10 years and I can disclose to you this case is profoundly upsetting,’ Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Lieutenant Bryan Crum said during a question and answer session last month. As indicated by capture warrants refered to by WSOC, cops reacted to Bennett’s home on Braden Drive, where she lived with in any event eight kids, for a government assistance keep an eye on May 21, after a kid defensive administrations case manager called 911, requesting that police discover Miegellic.

The guest allegedly told the police that relatives had not seen the four-year-old since August 2020.

Criminal investigators met a man who apparently disclosed to them that Bennett had educated him that Miegellic was dead, yet that she didn’t report her demise on the grounds that the kid had wounds on her body and she was apprehensive she would stumble into difficulty.

As indicated by the archives, Bennett had a background marked by youngster misuse grievances including her and her kids, including three forthcoming wrongdoing kid misuse allegations originating from February 2020, NBC12 revealed.

At the point when police talked with Bennett, she supposedly told then that she dropped Miegellic off with another relative in August and had not seen her since.

Following three days of standing, the four-year-old developed so frail that she dropped out the secondary passage of the room and struck her head on the ground.

After the breakdown, her sister said that Miegellic experienced difficulty breathing and passed around the same time, as per the warrant.

Bennett supposedly endeavored CPR on the kid yet couldn’t do it.

The more seasoned sister then, at that point advised police that Bennett went out to purchase a digging tool, dove an opening in the yard, put her kin’s spoiling cadaver inside prior to driving her to assist with the entombment.

At the point when police following up on tips looked through Bennett’s property on May 21, they uncovered Miegellic’s body in the yard. The young lady apparently was canvassed in wounds, had bruised eyes and genuine wounds.

They looked through Bennett’s home and the SUV, and were said to have discovered proof of human remaining parts, held onto a digging tool and a cellphone.