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One survivor identified her boyfriend Malik Halfacre as a suspect, a man who allegedly shot three adults and a child after arguing with his girlfriend, according to police documents.

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He Is 25 Year Old

Malik Halfacre In Custody, Investigation

According to police documents, a man allegedly shot and killed three adults and a child after arguing with his girlfriend for stimulant control.

The victims were found dead in an Indianapolis, Indiana home on Saturday, with probable cause made on Tuesday.

Indianapolis police said they were 7, 23, 35, and 44 years old. According to sworn testimony, a survivor identified her boyfriend Malik Halfacre as a suspect.

According to the sworn statement, he claimed that his girlfriend, who was shot and taken to the hospital, took the couple’s 6-month-old daughter with him while 25-year-old Halfacre was leaving the scene. Police said on Tuesday that his girlfriend was stable. According to police, on Sunday morning the baby was found safe at Halfacre’s sister’s home. “Halfacre confessed to killing four people and gave details of how this happened,” his sister apparently told the police.

In his sworn statement, he said he was looking for a friend who agreed to help his sister Halfacre escape. Authorities said Halfacre was found hiding in the attic of an Indianapolis house and was detained on Sunday. Halfacre told police that he and his girlfriend were “arguing because he wanted some of his stimulus control”.

The affidavit said, “Mr. Halfacre admitted that he shot all the deceased individuals at home.” The affidavit, Halfacre allegedly telling the police that “he took the money after everyone was shot”, said his girlfriend’s bag and his girlfriend’s car.

According to court documents, Halfacre was charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery. He will be put on trial on March 18. It was not clear whether he had a lawyer or not.