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Last summer, as the Portland protests were in full swing, a man from Indiana was arrested in connection with a fire bomb thrown towards a police car.

Malik Mohammed, was arrested on Friday and charged with attempted murder, attempted first-degree assault, attempted first-degree murder, manufacturing of illegal destruction devices, and other crimes.

Police said DNA evidence obtained from an unexploded Molotov cocktail helped identify Mohammed.

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He Is 24 Year Old

Malik Fard Muhammed Arrested, Investigation & More Facts

The incident that occurred during the Black Lives Matter protest on September 21 was documented by the Portland police officer sitting in a vehicle used to broadcast warnings and loud sounds to protesters when the burning object came directly to him. The officer jumped out of the car and found a beer grower with a burnt cloth in his mouth turned into a Molotov cocktail. The fire bomb did not go off.

According to court records, the bottle produced substantial evidence that led to charges against Mohammed, whom authorities say had come to Portland for the protests.

One of the most serious cases stemming from the prolonged protests that shook Portland last year.

The previously confidential 28-item indictment details how the officers examined the unexploded incendiary bomb.

A price tag allowed the beer grower to be traced back to the store where it was purchased. Multnomah District District Attorney Keven Demer said the surveillance video showed Mohammed and his girlfriend buying breeders and bats.

Demer said DNA samples taken from an unexploded firebomb had “an extremely powerful comparison” with Mohammed.

Two days later, another Molotov cocktail was thrown during a protest at the Justice Center building in downtown Portland on September 23.

Demer said it exploded when it hit the ground, creating a huge fireball and spewing flames to an officer leg. Multiple videos show Mohammed throwing the device. “Anyone who thinks they can get away with trying to kill police officers and destroy this city should think again,” said police chief Chuck Lovell, announcing that Mohammed was arrested. More investigations are underway.

Apparently, FBI agents engaged with protesters in an attempt to identify the perpetrators.

In another protest on October 11 the following month, FBI agents in plain clothes saw Mohammed, all dressed in black but wearing distinctive red and gray gloves, using a metal baton to break the windows of the Oregon Historical Society, Portland State University, and several businesses. writes his sworn statement.

Information was passed on to police officers. Authorities said they were chasing the suspect who allegedly fired a loaded pistol and were found with a full magazine in his pocket that fit the pistol. Illegal possession of firearms is another of the charges faced by Muhammad.

Demer noted that if Muhammad was convicted, he could be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison and that he risked escape. He asked the court to set the bail at $ 3 million.

Judge Leslie, Bottomly denied the request and ordered Mohammed’s arrest instead.

Portland has seen demonstrations since George Floyd died in May after a white Minneapolis policeman pressed his knee to the black man’s neck for about eight minutes.

More than 100 days of demonstrations took place last summer.

The demonstrations at times attracted 10,000 people for peaceful marches and rallies around the city. However, some protesters resorted to increasingly violent use against the courthouse and other federal property, with 27 riots declared within four months. Police responded by firing tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd, while some protesters fired bricks, stones and other bullets at the officers.

At the time, the Trump administration sent federal agents to dispel the unrest, but the deployment had the opposite effect and revived protesters who found a new rallying point to oppose the federal entity.

Many of the federal tactical teams wore combat-like gear, but their deployment escalated the situation, especially after protesters were kidnapped from the street by federal agents and put in unmarked cars.

Mayor Ted Wheeler recently denounced what he described as part of the violent agitators who have moved away from the message of police accountability and should be subject to more severe punishments.

The protests, affected by the arrival of federal officials and right-wing militias, including the Proud Boys, took a fatal turn.