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Zoneton Fire Department announced that Major Garry Key died Saturday afternoon, after nearly a month of fighting COVID-19.

Key’s battle with COVID-19 took place just two months after the death of Zoneton Chief Rob Orkies, who died after his battle with COVID-19 while receiving treatment for stage 4 cancer in December. Key was the fire chief until he fell ill. Zoneton Fire Department said Key remained in service for more than 50 years, including more than 29 years in the US Army. Key joined the Zoneton Fire Department in 1984, making it the longest-serving volunteer member.

“Garry was highly respected by everyone who knew him, and we are all deeply saddened by his loss,” said Kevin Moulton, chief of the truce. “This is a tough time for the entire fire department.”

Key leaves behind his wife of 50 years, his son, a daughter and six grandchildren who also work as a firefighter in the Zoneton area.