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Mairead Philpott

tells evil ex Mick who is serving life for the fire plot that killed their six children to ‘stay away’ amid reports he wants a reunion


Monster mother Mairead Philpott told the wicked ex Mick, who was living for the fire conspiracy that killed her six children, to ‘stay away’ amid reports that she wanted to be reunited.

Philpott, 39, who was in the bail dormitory after The Sun was released early in the 2012 Derby fire, told his friends Mick could ‘make one’.

The 65-year-old Mick reportedly told his friends that Philpott asked him to visit Wakefield Prison, where he was imprisoned for life.

She might want a romantic date but she doesn’t have a reunion.

‘He’s an idiot. I don’t want to do anything with it. Philpott, who divorced Mick in 2014, reportedly told a friend.

The Sun reported that Philpott was planning to ask prison and probation officers to prevent him from contacting him, describing him as a ‘vengeful psychopath’ who ‘wants to get his claws back’.

He said to a friend, ‘I’m over him’.

According to The Sun, Mick will have to serve at least 15 years of life sentence to be eligible for parole in 2027.

During a phone call from prison, he told a friend that he was ‘desperate’ to see Philpott.

“ He never really admitted that they broke up, ” The Sun said.

He asks him to visit him in prison and talks about filling out the paperwork.

“He asked me to contact his family to find out how to contact him, but I don’t want to do anything with it,” said his friend, adding that Mick was ‘cheated if he thought the authorities would allow it’. ‘.

Mick and Mairead married in 2003, and they shared a cramped three-bedroom assembly house in Derby with his girlfriend Lisa Willis and their children.

Mick led his wife and accomplice Paul Mosley to a plan to buy a larger parliament building, burning his house and accusing Willis of crime after he left him.

He also hoped to regain custody of his five children who had recently moved out.

Mick had planned to rescue the sleeping children by climbing through an upstairs window, but after too much gas was used and the fire got out of control, the plan went horribly wrong.

Fire Duwayne cost 13, Jade, 10, John, 9, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five lives.

Having been jailed 27 times for stabbing a girlfriend before, Mick weaved a web of lies to deal with the crime.

He even made a plan to ‘get rich as soon as possible’ with generous donations from the local community.

The money would cover the children’s funerals.

In the days following the fire, Mick began his elaborate trick to appear not guilty and even appeared at a press conference for information.

During a two-week surveillance at the hotel where the couple was placed by the police in May after the fire, they were heard whispering about the case and it was recorded that Mick told his wife “to stay true to your story.”

They were charged by the police in connection with the deaths on May 30, and Mosley was arrested, telling a friend that the plan was to save the children.

The police initially accused the trio of murder, but reduced it to unintentional manslaughter because, although their actions were sickly reckless, the defendants had no intention of killing the children.

Mick was found guilty of the gruesome crime in court and sentenced to life behind bars.

The judge described the conspiracy as’ an ‘evil and dangerous plan’ that is beyond the understanding of any righteous minded person.

Mairead Philpott was released after serving eight and a half years, but is subject to strong bail conditions that included not being allowed to meet with her ex-husband or visit the Derby.

She must abide by the curfew, drug and alcohol tests, and room searches while living in the hostel.

She can stay in that accommodation for up to 12 weeks, while authorities and a charity help her find a place to live and work or training opportunities.

Philpott expressed fears of both Mick and the ex-couple’s accomplice in the Mosley fire.

Mosley, 53, is close to half of his 17-year tenure and a probation hearing will be held, which means he can be released within months.

Philpott is said to have told his friends: “I’m really worried about Paul’s dating because I don’t know if Mick will ask him for anything.