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Luna Ellora Thomas Wiki

  • An investigation was heard, a baby was found dead in his cot just a day after he was sent home from the hospital. Luna Ellora Thomas of Bolton, Manchester, fell ill on March 24 last year – the day after the country’s first national lockdown. He had a runny nose and a high fever of 38.8C (102F), refusing to eat and sticking out his tongue. The 13-month-old was admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital two days later at 4:20 am, where doctors suspected of having bronchiolitis (obstruction of the airways in the lungs caused by a virus).  On March 27, Ms. Thomas woke up to strange noises coming from Luna’s bedroom and realized that she was sick, so the investigation was heard and brought her to her own bed. Miss Thomas put Luna on her bed at roughly 7 am. Just three hours later she found she unresponsive.


She said that her daughter’s death left her ‘broken and empty’. A forensic doctor decided to die from natural causes yesterday, and Luna was seen by pediatric nurse Mollie Nuttall, who noted that her fever returned to normal, her oxygen saturation was normal, her respiratory rate increased, and her heart rate was 200. The early warning score was completed by Mrs. Nuttall to check for sepsis symptoms – but only two of the six criteria were met. Around 05:30, Luna will meet Dr. It was evaluated by Mustapa. Mrs. Thomas, Dr. He told Mustapa that Luna had a fever, had trouble breathing, that she ate less than usual, but was still drinking. Luna was also found to have a bleaching rash on her body. Luna was diagnosed with suspected bronchiolitis, defined as ‘obstruction of the small airways in the lungs caused by a virus’. Ms. Thomas advised her ‘safety net’ and said the case would be referred to the Community Child Nursing Service. ‘. At 10 am Ms. Thomas called her doctor, Dr Rebecca Cruickshank. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Dr Cruickshank completed a phone call. Dr Cruickshank noted that Luna’s symptoms were no worse than when she was evaluated in the hospital. He noticed that Luna was sick and took Miss Thomas Luna to bed with her. According to Miss Thomas, Luna’s breath was still called ‘out of breath’.