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Believed to be the second oldest person in the world, a French nun stylishly celebrates her 117th birthday after recovering from COVID-19.

Believed to be the second oldest person in the world, a French nun celebrated her 117th birthday on Thursday with numerous treats and good wishes, cards and flowers to complement her extraordinary longevity through the two world wars and a recent coronavirus infection.

She gave a ritual in honor of Sister André and a feast with Champagne, red wine and port wine. Then came a candy, followed by more festivities, including his favorite dessert, the baked Alaska afternoon snack.

“It made me very, very, very happy,” said the birthday girl. “Because I’ve met all the people I love and I thank the heavens for giving them to me. I thank God for the trouble they went through. ”

David Tavella, the nursing home communications manager in the south, said that Sister André approached his great day with a morning video call with his great nieces and great nephews, followed by a Mass held in his honor by the local Catholic bishop. The city of Toulon in France where the nun lived.

The birthday feast included a starter foie gras followed by a fragrant mushroom capon. “All washed down with red wine because he drinks red wine. It’s one of the secrets of longevity, Tavella told the Associated Press. There was also the port and champagne, he said, “because it must be fried for 117 years.”

skipped the dessert because he was tired, but was later served with three candles and the numbers 117 on top after taking a nap.

It would be impossible to pack with 117 candles.

“We stopped trying a long time ago,” Tavella said. “Even if we make big cakes, I’m not sure he’ll have enough breath to blow them all out. You’ll need a fire extinguisher.”

Sister André’s birth name is Lucile Randon. Verifying the details of people thought to be 110 years and older, the Gerontology Research Group lists him as the second oldest known person in the world, after a 118-year-old woman named Kane Tanaka in Japan.

Tavella told French media earlier this week that Sister André tested positive for the coronavirus in mid-January but had so few symptoms and did not even realize that he was infected. His survival made headlines both in France and beyond.

“When the whole world suddenly started talking about this story, I realized that Sister André looked like an Olympic fire on a world tour people wanted to catch, because right now we all need some hope,” Tavella said.

When Tavella spoke to Thursday about celebrating her next birthday in 2022, she said, “I won’t be here next year,” and added: “But she’s been saying this for 10 years.”

By a strange coincidence, Tavella celebrated her 43rd birthday on Thursday.

“We often joke that we were born on the same day,” she said. “I never tell myself that he’s 117 years old because it’s so easy to speak, regardless of his age. He just felt like he lived when he talked about the First World War,” Yes, he did that!

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