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Law enforcement said they were looking for a 22-year-old man named Louis Shenker after New York City firefighters discovered a stolen car with a fake bomb-shaped wire, canister and electrical cables in the trunk of the car. No explosives were found in the vehicle – a Tesla with Nevada license plate parked on the spiral ramp between garage levels in the Queens Place mall – but police rescued a husky dog from the inside. A man suspected of planting a fake bomb evacuating a mall in Queens, New York on Monday morning, is a right-wing conspiracy theorist who was arrested last week and accused of arson and has been under investigation by the police for at least a week.

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Three senior law enforcement officials said the car had a pro-gesture gesture from Black Life Matters, and raised questions about whether those signs were intended to discredit the movement. Law enforcement said police were already investigating Shenker and arrested him twice in connection with other disturbing demonstrations. According to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, he was arrested Wednesday and charged with burning a poster affixed to the New York Police Department barricade, and was charged twice with low-level arson. Authorities said Shenker performed several similar shows, including the anti-mask actions that he documented on Instagram. Shenker has repeatedly tweeted to Nick Fuentes, a prominent figure in the far-right Groyper movement who is trying to turn the racist and homophobic troll culture of the extremist forum 4chan into real-life action. Twitter account has been suspended. Shenker appeared in an InfoWars online conspiracy webcast last month and found false conspiracy theories about the election, the coronavirus, and a conspiracy to take over the world. Mayor Bill also begged “at least 100,000 people to come to New York City” to protest some cases outside of Blasio’s residence, including the false conspiracy theory that “Donald John Trump is the rightful winner of this election.” Also, the Chinese government has sparked false rumors about coronavirus vaccines on the Internet, including an elaborate conspiracy involving Bill Gates, George Soros, Clintons, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. A review of an Instagram account confirmed to belong to Shenker by three senior law enforcement officials who were aware of the investigation shows that Shenker burned a photo of George Floyd with a headline disrespectful to Floyd and insulting the Black Lives Matter move. . Shenker seems to have staged an event where his car was painted red and there were signs warning him that he was “scared”. A place corresponding to the residence of mayor Gracie Mansion is attached to the photo. The account also stated, “Amtrak requires everyone to wear a face mask” and “It doesn’t get any better than this!” Said. Shenker also posted the StopTheSteal hashtag and the pro-Trump sign. A Twitter account connecting from a website dedicated to the nationalist YouTube show and podcast has been suspended.