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Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said a witness appeared and involved the Riser in the murder of Lisa Saenz, who was shot repeatedly before her body was found on the Trinity River in March 2017.

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Lisa Saenz Murder, Investigation

A Dallas police officer is in custody and faces two fatal murder charges for the unrelated deaths of two people, one and a woman, killed months apart in 2017.

Dallas police said Thursday afternoon that Police Officer Bryan Riser, a veteran of power since 2008, was arrested Thursday morning and is expected to be treated at Dallas County Prison. In September 2017, NBC 5 reported that three people were arrested and charged with the Saenz murder – 28-year-old Kevin Kidd, 31-year-old Emmanuel Kilpatrick and 35-year-old Jermon Simmons.

On August 14, 2019, the witness told the police that he kidnapped and killed Saenz at Kalkan’s command.

Garcia said the witness had been instructed by the police to kidnap and kill Aubrey Douglas, who was reported missing in February 2017. Garcia said the witnesses had said that Douglas was abducted and killed at the same location as Saenz.

Douglas’s body was not found, Garcia said.

An arrest statement containing details of investigations into the murders will be released later in the day.

“Although he was in custody, he is on administrative leave pending the result of the Internal Affairs administrative investigation,” Dallas police said in a statement. Said.

In May 2017, Riser was arrested after being accused of misdemeanor assault on domestic violence that caused physical injury. An Internal Affairs investigation was conducted at that time, but the results of this investigation are not yet known and Garcia refused to share any additional details about the outcome of this investigation Thursday afternoon.

Dallas police said Riser had been in the department since August 2008 and was assigned to the South Central Patrol Division.

Garcia defended his department and officers, saying that Riser did not represent the many men and women who run the city every day.

“We recruit individuals of the human race, and when we find individuals like this we need to evaluate the actions we take later,” Garcia said. “We will hold ourselves accountable at the highest levels.”

“The actions investigated in no way reflect the actions of men and women wearing this uniform with pride, and certainly do not reflect the heroic, professional and devoted sacrifices I have witnessed since my arrival,” Garcia said. Said. “However, let me be frank that we will not allow our city and our men and women who serve with honor on a daily basis to tarnish this badge. As we all know, the actions of a few people, many. We have pledged to remove the criminal element from the streets of Dallas city in order to pursue anyone, including anyone, in a ruthless way. ”

The bond amount has not been confirmed and it is unclear if Riser hires a lawyer.