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Lily-Mai Saint George was found unresponsive in a house in Haringey, Tottenham on January 31 and rushed to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she died three days later. A forensic officer concluded that a ten-week-old girl was illegally murdered following an “extremely surprising” decision by the children’s services to discharge her to her family. Three days after Lily-Mai Hurrell Saint George was found unresponsive at home, she was taken to North Middlesex University Hospital and then to Great Ormond Street Hospital, where she died on February 2, 2018.

injuries and bruises were consistent with the “trembling-type injuries”

Investigation Reports

then-21-year-old parents, Darren Hurrell, and then-20-year-old Lauren Saint George, were arrested on April 16 on suspicion of murder.

The St Pancras Criminal Court heard that the case was being examined by the Crown Prosecutor’s Office and that there was “insufficient evidence” to try both parents. Today, a forensic officer concluded that Lily-Mai was killed “by an adult” while in her care.

The burden of proof (balance of possibilities) in the investigation is different from the criminal burden of proof (beyond reasonable doubt).

“A ten-week-old baby was injured by an adult so he suffered 19 rib fractures, other broken bones, and a serious head injury in which he died.

“This happened on the afternoon or early evening of January 31, 2018, when Lily-Mai was in her parents’ care.

“Many healthcare and other professionals have voiced the view that Lily-Mai should not be discharged into the care of her parents, but Haringey Children’s Services still facilitated her discharge from the hospital on January 25, 2018.

“I’m so sorry that I lost this healthy baby girl.”

The investigation heard that Lily-Mai was born prematurely at 31 weeks and spent the first two months of her life in the hospital.

She was discharged to care for her parents in an apartment in Tottenham on January 25, but was taken back on January 31 in a “critical and life-threatening” situation.

Mr. Hurrell said he woke up with Lily-Mai crying, but realized that he went to bed to check on him and stopped breathing.

He claimed that his broken ribs may have been caused by giving him CPR.

He described the investigation as follows: “I woke up, went to the bed because he was crying and he stopped crying for about five minutes.

“I went to the cot to see if his mother needed help and he was not breathing.

“Lauren was either coming in the hallway or in the kitchen with a bottle or picking up the bottle in the kitchen.”

In his statement to the investigation, Mr. Hurrell said that Lily-Mai grabbed her ankle as she could fall from a bed and that the pram crashed on the bus a few days before her death.

Both parents said that Lily-Mai would sleep only during the day, screaming for hours, not at night.

They also described many cases where she turned blue and drooped, but they said they thought it was because she was suffering from anemia.

St George was asked to testify in the investigation, but he answered all questions: “I am faithful to all the statements that had been said before.”

Lily-Mai had multiple bruises on her face, neck and chest, and multiple bleeding in the brain, 19 rib fractures, and a leg fracture, said Britain’s top forensic pathologist, Dr Nathaniel Cary.

He said that he thought the fractures were “trembling-type injuries” caused by “grasping, squeezing, and shaking of the chest”.

Dr Cary said: “The official cause of death I have given is head injury, involving both shaking and impact as a cause of the head injury.

“This is not just ordinary trauma from normal use.”

The investigation heard some concerns about Lily-Mai’s family and ability to take care of her.

A plan was made to assist them before they were discharged.

It was said that Miss Saint George had another child born before Lily-Mai and without responsibility.

Health visitor Ms. Nyantakyi said in the investigation that she did not notice any bruising on Lily-Mai’s body during her visits, but was concerned that Mr. Hurrell left her on the edge of the bed during the visit.

Social worker Teresa Ferguson said she was “really worried” about Lily-Mai’s case and disagreed with her discharge from healthcare professionals.

After being born prematurely, Lily-Mai had to undergo several blood transfusions at the hospital, and her parents were warned to watch out for signs that she was “flaccid.”

She said: “I was really worried about her health needs or not getting an accident.

“Like falling out of bed and both on the phone.”

Ms. Ferguson visited the family the day Lily-Mai’s hospitalized and said she did not see any signs of being sick.

She said during a conversation about Ms. Saint George moving to a mother and baby unit, saying she did not want to go, leaving the property.