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The newly qualified Lewis Hobbs had a ten-month sexual relationship with the girl he claimed to be in love with.
Teacher, was jailed for having sex with a female student whom she would kiss in the staff room. A teacher was jailed after admitting to having sexual intercourse with a schoolgirl whom she claimed to be in love, which lasted nearly a year.

Lewis Hobbs Age

He 28 Year Old

Lewis Hobbs Arrest, Investigation & More Facts

28-year-old Lewis Hobbs was stopped only after confronting his victim’s angry older sister.

He was kissing the high school girl in the physical education staff room, in her car and at home.

Things settled when the boy’s brother found out about his crimes – but he told the woman that he loved his sister and “wouldn’t understand”.

He had met the school girl when she saw her cry in her classroom for expelling a rebellious class early.

The two then messaged over Snapchat and started the meeting.

Hobbs from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, previously admitted eight juvenile sex charges when she appeared at Derby Crown Court.
The fired teacher admitted that he engaged in six sexual activities with a child and twice provoked or provoked a child to engage in sexual activity. Prosecutor John Farmer said, “He was infatuated with the defendant. From time to time, PE was kissing when they met in the staff room.

“He told him how fond and encouraged him. He did nothing to discourage him. It took about 10 to 11 months.”

Mr. Farmer said they would meet in his car and home while his mother is away.

She told the court: “She did not answer because her mother called one evening and had sexual intercourse with the defendant.” The mother called the girl’s sister, worried that she was not answering. The sister walked around.

“There was something and he found the accused fully dressed in his sister’s bedroom. The sister appeared before the defendant and said vaguely,” What do you think you are doing? ” There was a little nervousness when she asked her. She said, ‘You don’t understand, I love her.’ ”

When he was arrested, Hobbs told the police ‘I love him so much’, ‘we wanted to spend time together’ ‘you can’t stop your feelings’ and ‘we have a long-term plan’.

The court heard that the young girl was looking at the situation differently.

A victim impact statement was read on her behalf: “My feelings have completely changed since all this started. Now I see that everything is wrong.

“It made me feel special and intrigued, and now that I am growing up I feel that everything is inappropriate. I was disgusted about it. I was a child and abused by an adult who should know better.”

Joe Harvey, who defended Hobbs, said he admitted “his own stupidity” which caused his downfall.

Harvey said: “This all came to a head while teaching a lesson with no experience. He was not in control of his class and fired them early.

“When the victim passed by and asked why he was upset, he broke down on his own in the classroom. He couldn’t hide his anger and his mistake was to be honest with him and then he opened a door where they formed a friendship.” He is dealing with the consequences of his own stupidity and was fired from his job.

“There was a lack of support that the school should have provided to its newly qualified colleagues.”

While Judge Shaun Smith punished Hobbs, he told him that although he wasn’t a hunter, he did nothing to deter the teenager from maintaining a relationship with him.

He told Hobbs: She said he was fond of you and it encouraged you.

“At that stage, you could have finished on your own, but you chose not to finish, and you didn’t stop there either. You were determined to have a relationship with him by now.” You were an adult and he was a boy. . You abused him and his position at school.

“You are not a predator looking for young women. You have caught the conditions you find yourself in. He showed you kindness, but you took advantage of it.”

Hobbs was also the subject of a 10-year decision to prevent sexual harm and was banned from working with children for life.