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Who Was Leslie Gillespie ?

Leslie Gillespie was an Alabama teacher who took her life two days after being accused of having sex with two of her students.

Gillespie was a teacher at R.A. Hubbard High School in Hillsboro, Alabama. She was found dead on May 29, 2021, two days after her arrest.
She was charged with serious crimes for allegedly having sex with two students aged 15 and 16. According to AL.com, in a criminal complaint, Gillespie was accused of having sex with students when they met him in his classroom in 2020.


She was released on $ 60,000 bail.

Leslie Gillespie Age

She Was 44 Year Old.

Leslie Gillespie found Dead, Investigation

According to WAFF.com, it was confirmed by the local forensic officer that Gillespie died of a gunshot wound on his own.

Forensic medicine responded to Gillespie’s home at noon on Saturday, May 29, 2021.

On May 29, 2021, Stacey B. Gillespie shared the photo above and posted on Facebook, “This is my wife and who is she. People are so quick to judge someone they don’t know. All negative comments have consequences. She loved all her students like her own children. I have to hear your day at school every night when I come home. I know She was sent to Hubbard for some reason and while there he made a huge impact on every student’s life. ”

One woman replied, “I grew up with it. We went to school with him and went to activities at his parents’ home when we were kids. She used to go to his grandparents’ store almost every day. I can’t imagine She will do anything bad to anyone. She was always a very sweet spirited, kind hearted, and I wouldn’t believe anything that was said to him. There was only good in him.

Stacey also wrote:

Leslie matched the bracelets with the coordinates I offered her for Christmas last year. I don’t wear it to work but I wear it everywhere we go. This was one of the best gifts he ever received for us. It was the backbone of our family, she. It made sure that everyone had what they needed. Not only for us, but also for its students. She would take money out of his own pocket to help students with tuition or anything else they needed. I would see cash application or venmo purchases on the bank statement and knew what it was for. He never wanted any child to go on a trip or have something they needed because they had no money. She and her colleagues would raise money for kids without money. Who She is. She was a giver and asked nothing in return. Our family is suffering, but I know the Hubbard and Hazlewood families are also hurt. I know that his friends in our community are also suffering. We love you all the way She does and you will always be a part of our family.


Gillespie taught English in high school. The Town of North Courtland wrote on Facebook: “Mayor Riely Evans, city council and staff express condolences to Ms. Leslie Gillespie’s family and pray for her family, students, staff and RA Hubbard High School faculty. ”

The school is located in the Alabama community.

Students were given consultants. One man wrote in the comment title: “I send my condolences 🕊 🖤she was a very good and wonderful teacher and had a positive impact on people’s lives. It will be missed and remembered 🙏🏾 RIP,” but someone else wrote: “Wait .. but this is sex with his students Isn’t the teacher arrested for doing this? ”