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Who Was Leneal Frazier ? Wiki, Bio, Darnella Frazier Uncle, Killed & More Facts

Leneal Frazier Wiki – Biography

The uncle of the 18-year-old woman who filmed the deadly arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year killed a suspected car thief in a high-speed police pursuit.

Darnella Frazier, who won a Pulitzer Prize for filming police officer Derek Chauvin in May of last year as she knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes, announced the death of her uncle, Leneal Frazier.

Leneal Frazier Death

The Minneapolis squad car involved in a high-speed chase with the stolen vehicle crashed into and killed the SUV of Darnella Frazier’s uncle who was filming the murder of George Floyd


  • Darnella Frazier, 18, composed a Facebook post reporting the passing of her uncle, Leneal Frazier, on Tuesday
  • Last year, Darnella Frazier shot the deadly capture of George Floyd in Minneapolis, starting gigantic distress
  • Leneal Frazier was killed in a three-car crash in northern Minneapolis after 12 PM on Tuesday
  • Police were close behind of a furnished theft suspect in the Camden neighborhood in north Minneapolis
  • Leneal Frazier was driving westward when he entered the convergence of 41st and Lyndale
  • A Minneapolis Police vehicle hammered into driver’s side of Frazier’s SUV, causing serious harm
  • The suspect, who is connected to a few outfitted thefts and was driving a taken vehicle, had the option to escape capture
  • Another vehicle that was driving southward on Lyndale at season of the pursuit was additionally engaged with impact
  • The cop in the crew vehicle was taken to emergency clinic for treatment and delivered a brief time frame a short time later
  • Minnesota State Patrol specialists are investigating whether the crew vehicle had lights, alarms on

Investigation & More Facts

Minneapolis police are examining whether the crew vehicle had its crisis lights and alarms on as is needed in examples of quests for suspects.

Leneal Frazier, who was not associated with a wrongdoing, was driving westward in his Jeep on West 41st Avenue in the Camden segment of north Minneapolis soon after 12 PM on Tuesday when a squad car pummeled into his vehicle at the convergence of Lyndale Avenue. Another vehicle having a place with a driving south on onlooker Lyndale at the hour of the pursuit was likewise engaged with the accident.

An observer said that the Jeep was ‘Sideswiped’ into a bus station almost a corner store. The squad car was driving north on Lyndale close behind of a suspect in a taken vehicle who was accepted to have been behind a carjacking and a few burglaries of organizations nearby, as indicated by the MPD.

Officials initially saw the taken vehicle close to North sixth Street and Lowry Avenue and attempted to have the driver pull the vehicle over.

Yet, the driver sped up trying to escape capture. The pursuit proceeded for in excess of a mile-and-a-half.

Frazier was raced to North Memorial Health in Robbinsdale, where he was articulated dead. The cop driving the crew vehicle was additionally raced to medical clinic, where he was subsequently delivered. The furnished theft suspect was not engaged with the impact and stays everywhere, as indicated by specialists.

‘Minneapolis police killed my uncle,’ she wrote in a Facebook post sent on Tuesday.

‘Another person of color lost his life in the possession of the police!’

She added: ‘Minneapolis police has cost my entire family a major loss…today has been a day loaded with misfortune and bitterness.’

Frazier hammered MPD officials for directing a rapid pursuit on a private street.

‘You took an honest life attempting to get another person,’ the message read.

The Minnesota State Patrol showed up on the scene in the consequence of the accident and dispatched an examination. has connected with MPD and MSP looking for input.

In June 2019, MPD refreshed its interest strategy, which currently restricts officials from starting pursues on the off chance that they ‘represent an irrational danger to the officials, general society or travelers of the vehicle being sought after who might be reluctant members.’

MPD officials may start a pursuit on the off chance that they accept a suspect either has submitted or is going to submit ‘a genuine and vicious crime or gross misdeed.’

Officials can likewise give pursue in the event that they accept the speculate’s driving is ‘so egregiously crazy that the driver would represent an up and coming and dangerous peril to general society if not caught.’

John Elder, a representative for the MPD, told the Star Tribune that Tuesday morning’s interest ‘fit the models’ illuminated in the division’s refreshed arrangement. ‘We are restricting what we can pursue for, yet these were clear crimes,’ Elder said.

Witnesses said they heard consecutive crashes. Occupants living in homes close by went to their windows to take a look at the scene.

Specialists who showed up on the scene tracked down a mutilated SUV with its driver side folded after it was crushed into a bus station before a close by corner store.

Another vehicle associated with the accident, a minivan, had both driver side and traveler side airbags conveyed.

Raquel Brown, a neighborhood inhabitant, saw the accident site while she and two kin were headed to the store.

She then, at that point took out her phone and began recording.

While looking at the scene, Brown said it created the impression that one of the vehicles hit by the police crew vehicle was ‘just T-boned directly into the bus station.’

‘The entire driver’s side was gone,’ Brown told the Star Tribune.

Cops were gathered to the accident site, which was cordoned off with yellow tape to avoid onlookers at all costs.

‘We asked one [officer] who came up, and he said, “We don’t actually have a clue. We should quiet down”,’ she said.

‘We resembled, we need to realize what occurred. He truly couldn’t reveal to us anything.’

As of early Wednesday morning, there was no openly accessible video film of the accident or the rapid pursuit.

The Clark service station situated on the convergence has reconnaissance cameras highlighted the accident site, however police still can’t seem to get that recording.

Nearby occupants were maddened that police would direct a rapid pursuit on a private street.

‘What do you think, that a life is more significant or the vehicle is more significant?’ said Dwayne Bledsoe, an occupant of the close by Prosperity Village Apartments.

Bledsoe told the Star Tribune that he was going to sit at the bus station at the times before the accident.

‘I would have been dead,’ he said.

Accidents during law authorization pursuits killed in excess of 7,000 individuals cross country somewhere in the range of 1996 and 2015, or 355 every year by and large, as indicated by the last exhaustive report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics on the issue in 2017. Almost 30% individuals killed were in vehicles not associated with pursuits, 4% were spectators, 65% were suspects and 1 percent were officials.

An investigation in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin in 2010 said a few officials can’t stomach permitting a suspect to drive off, regardless of whether it’s the more secure alternative.

Specialists additionally said pursues produce an adrenaline surge hinders officials’ engine abilities.

Innovation has been accessible for quite a long time that offers options, including charged GPS gadgets that can be flung onto a speculate’s vehicle, empowering police to pause and track the sign.


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