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Leah Kinyon

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Who Is Leah Kinyon ?

Leah Kinyon is a former Lehi, Utah, high school teacher who was caught in a viral video urging students to get the COVID-19 vaccine and criticizing President Donald Trump.

“I hate Donald Trump. I’ll say it. I don’t care what you think – Trump sucks,” he said in the viral four-minute video, which you can watch later in this article. They don’t mind.”

Leah Kinyon Teacher Video

The video was first shipped off Fox13 Now by a parent, Judy Storms. Substantial contacted Kinyon and the secondary school head through their school email addresses. We will add their remarks into this story in case it is gotten.

In any case, the school area revealed to Fox13 that Kinyon is presently not utilized there after an examination concerning her remarks.

In the Video, Kinyon Says, ‘I’d Be Super Proud of You in the event that You Chose to Get the Vaccine’

The video has been saved on YouTube.

“I would be really pleased with you in the event that you decided to get the immunization,” Kinyon says in the video. “We’ll simply continue to get variations again and again until individuals get immunized… It could end in five seconds if individuals would get inoculated.”

She was not wearing a cover in the video.

“This is my study hall, and in the event that you folks will put me in danger, you will catch wind of it,” she added. “Since I must be here. I don’t need to be content about the way that there’s children coming in here with their variations that might actually get me or my family debilitated. That is impolite, and I’m not going to imagine like it’s not.”

She likewise told the understudies, “The greater part of y’alls guardians are more idiotic than you. I will say that for all to hear. My folks are cracking idiotic. Alright, and the moment I sorted that out, the world opened up. You don’t need to do everything your folks say. What’s more, you don’t need to accept everything your folks accept. Since in all likelihood you’re more brilliant than them.”

She told another understudy in the video, “You can accept what you need to accept, however keep it calm in here in light of the fact that I’m most likely going to ridicule you. I’ll simply say this, here are the points that you’ll likely need to stay away from. Legislative issues, which you went into, on the grounds that you asked me… If you don’t have confidence in environmental change, get the damnation out… . That is pitiful that you feel that, you’re the issue with the world, OK.” In the video, Kinyon says she is the Gay-Straight Alliance understudy club guide. As per Lehi High School’s workforce page, where she is as yet recorded, she shows Chemistry and Marine Biology.

She brought the club up saying, “In case you’re a homophobe, get the hellfire out. Since I’m the GSA personnel consultant, I love gay individuals, all the LGBTQIA+ mother [expletive]. In the event that you don’t care for it get out. In the event that I hear you say a damn word against any of them I will open a can and I will make your daily routine an experiencing damnation. On the off chance that you offer shiz to any LGBTQ kid in the school, I will find out about it and you will be in a difficult situation.”

In the video, she denounced previous President Donald Trump, saying, “I disdain Donald Trump. I will say it. I don’t mind y’all’s opinion — Trump sucks. He is a sexual stalker. He is a strict imbecile. Try not to snitch on me to the freakin’ administrator; they don’t give a poop.”

An understudy advised her: “This is a science class!” She reacted, “Mood killer the Fox News, do your folks pay attention to Fox News? This is my homeroom and in the event that you folks will put me in danger you will catch wind of it. Since I must be here. I don’t need to be content about the way that there’s children coming in here with their variations that might actually get me or my family wiped out. That is inconsiderate. Furthermore, I’m not going to imagine like it’s anything but.” A ton of Kinyon’s tweets are harmless; for instance, she tweeted over and again about an instructor scrounger chase. She likewise offered her help for an instructor who was prohibited from educating in the wake of utilizing the words boob and condom in class, as indicated by Good Housekeeping.

Kinyon shared a Change.org appeal supporting that educator and expressed, “Snow capped School District: Let RevaBeth Russell instruct at Lehi High! – Sign the Petition!”

At that point, Kinyon additionally protected that educator to Fox13, saying, “I can genuinely comprehend certain understudies, particularly here in Lehi and Utah County, being somewhat annoyed, however to the degree that they have taken this discipline is absurd.”

Her complete name is Laura Reber Kinyon. Her different tweets are about the anxieties of moving and things like that; her Twitter page doesn’t contain conversations of legislative issues, and she didn’t have some other clear online media pages. Her Facebook page is erased.

The Alpine School District Sent Fox13 an assertion saying the educator was put on leave.

Her conduct was “unseemly,” the assertion said.

“We became mindful late this evening of an occurrence that occurred today in one of our secondary school study halls. A prompt examination followed. The worker has been put on managerial leave forthcoming a careful examination. This conduct is unseemly, not intelligent of the expert direct and propriety we expect of our educators, and won’t go on without serious consequences,” the assertion peruses.

The later assertion peruses, “Snow capped School District has closed our examination of the occurrence that occured (sic) on August 17, 2021 at Lehi High School. Albeit the subtleties of a faculty examination are classified, the instructor included is at this point not a representative of Alpine School District.” According to Fox13, Storms and her child Zane said that Kinyon has a propensity for giving such discourses in class.

She knew she was being recorded, Zane told the TV slot.

As indicated by Lehi Free Press, the video was recorded on the primary day of classes.