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Lawrence Warunge Wiki – Arrested

One man accused of killing five of his family members told police that he was inspired by the British black comedy series Killing Eve to do so. University student Lawrence Warunge was arrested on January 8th after a three-day search and named the prime suspect in the murders just outside of Nairobi, Kenya, The Star reported.

Lawrence Warunge Age

He Is 22 Year Old

Lawrence Warunge Arrested Police Investigation

According to the outlet, he confessed to the authorities after his arrest and led inspectors to a house where a kitchen knife with a murder weapon was taken. Police say Warunge’s parents, Nicholas Njoroge Warunge and his wife Annie, two brothers Christian and Maxwell, and a worker named James Kinyanjui were brutally murdered in their home on January 5th, and Warunge has been missing since then. The police said Warunge showed officers where to find the kitchen knife and showed some other evidence that he had hidden and burned some of it on a property. Police said that although Warunge killed five people on his own, they were investigating whether the others were involved and that Warunge’s girlfriend was questioned.

Warunge confessed to the investigators and described the murders in terrifyingly vivid detail, saying that he had first killed the worker in his home, which was separate from the main residence. He then entered the main house through the back door and killed his mother first. He later killed his two brothers, Maxwell and Christian, who turned 13 years old on December 26th.

He said that his father tried to escape by jumping off the balcony, breaking his leg while landing on the floor. “He tells Dad that an electric cable hit him while running and jumping off the balcony, and he was even more reluctant after breaking a leg. This gave him time to catch up and killed him like a snake, ”one officer told The Star.

The exit, Warunge’s father, Nicholas Njenga, was found dead from Warunge’s 34 stab wounds. The Star told them that Warunge had told them that his parents were “evil and murderous” and “deserved to die”, although no reasons were given by investigators at this time. Citizen Digital reports that he was inspired by the fictional assassin Villanelle, one of the main characters of Killing Eve. He was seen killing his family in cold blood in the third season. He said that behind his family he spoke badly about him.

Warunge’s father returned from the US to Kenya for a Christmas vacation just weeks before his murder. According to The Star, US Warunge’s mother worked as a nurse to Annie, while Annie was a psychologist nurse in the Kiambu County Government.

Warunge also has two sisters, but they were both unharmed in the incident as they both attended middle school at the time of the murder, The Star reported. Citizen Digital, Warunge, was a sophomore college student at the University of Kenya where he studied to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration in IT.

Investigators are now investigating whether these murders are linked to other murders in the family in previous years.