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Lauren Kavanaugh

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First You Need To Know These Facts

  • Lauren Kavanaugh had three charges of youngster sexual maltreatment excused against her in Texas, almost three years after her capture
  • Kavanaugh, 28, was let out of prison on October 6
  • Denton County DA didn’t clarify why the charges were dropped
  • Kavanaugh was recently observed to be intellectually ill suited to stand preliminary and focused on an emotional wellness office
  • She was blamed for having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old young lady she met on Facebook here and there in 2017
  • From age two until age eight, Kavanaugh was kept in an excrement spread storeroom in her Texas trailer
  • Kavanaugh was saved in 2001, acquiring her the moniker ‘Young lady in the Closet’

A Texas lady known as the ‘Young lady in the Closet’ after she was protected from a grimy pantry as a youngster, was let out of prison last week when kid rape charges against her were excused.

The Denton County District Attorney’s Office has not clarified why investigators settled on the choice to drop three crime relies on which 28-year-old Lauren Kavanaugh was prosecuted in 2019.

She recently was discovered awkward to stand preliminary and was requested dedicated to an emotional well-being office.

A representative for the DA didn’t promptly react to DailyMail.com’s solicitation for input Monday morning. Court records demonstrate that examiners documented a movement to excuse the counts Tuesday. An appointed authority shut the case in no time, making room for Kavanaugh’s delivery the following day, revealed The Dallas Morning News.

Kavanaugh had looked as long as 20 years in jail on each charge.

She stood out as truly newsworthy in 2001 when she was safeguarded from her family’s trailer following quite a while of terrible physical and sexual maltreatment because of her mom and stepfather. Named ‘The Girl in The Closet,’ Kavanaugh, who was eight at that point, weighed simply throughout 25lbs at that point.

Kavanaugh was captured in December 2018, following a 14-year-old young lady let police know that she had been in a sexual relationship with the person for a long time. The pair met through a Facebook account called ‘The Lauren Kavanaugh Story’ where Kavanaugh offered backing and fellowship to survivors of misuse, as per investigators. That page has since been brought down.

Kavanaugh and the adolescent purportedly got into a relationship and the casualty’s folks said that Kavanaugh was living with them, as indicated by NBC.

When met by police, Kavanaugh at first asserted that she and the high schooler were ‘just companions,’ however at that point confessed to having a physically unequivocal discussion with the young lady on Facebook.

‘Lauren additionally said that was the main time and that she was grieved and educated her example,’ a criminal investigator wrote in an oath.

When inquired as to whether she was engaged with a sexual relationship with the minor, Kavanaugh provoked the cop to capture her and would not offer any further expressions.

While in prison, Kavanaugh piled up extra charges for supposedly attacking prison guards, however the head prosecutor’s office declined to arraign her.

In September 2020, an appointed authority requested Kavanaugh focused on an emotional wellness organization to reestablish her capability so she might actually stand preliminary.

The adjudicator requested a psychological wellness assessment this previous August, the aftereffects of which have not been unveiled.

Between the ages of two and eight, Kavanaugh was restricted to a 4-by-8-foot excrement spread wardrobe, and was famished, assaulted and tormented by her mom, Barbara Atkinson, and stepfather, Kenneth Atkinson.

A specialist later affirmed the young lady had been physically manhandled so seriously that she required a medical procedure, as per People Magazine.

The Atkinson couple are carrying out life punishments for crime injury to a youngster and will be qualified for parole in 2031.