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Landon Grier of Canon City after the flight landed on March 9, according to a sworn statement in the US District Court in Denver.

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The FBI arrested 24-year-old Landon Grier.

Landon Grier Arrest, Investigation

The man who was arrested is facing a $ 250,000 fine after refusing to wear a mask, peeing in the flight cabin while allegedly drunk. The statement by FBI Special Agent Martin Daniell III, who interviewed Grier and the crew members, says Grier is struggling. As required by the Federal Aviation Administration, when he repeatedly asked an officer to wear his mask, he fell asleep, but called out to an officer.

Daniell called the attendants as a passenger later urinated in the Grier seat area. The agent said Grier drank a few beers and “a few shots” before boarding the plane, fell asleep on the plane and was awakened to “shouting by flight attendants who said he was peeing”.

“He did not remember hitting the flight attendant and did not know if he was peeing,” Daniell said.

Grier appeared in court for the first time on Thursday. A federal public lawyer has been appointed to represent him. He was released on a $ 10,000 bond until the next trial to be held on March 26.

Public defenders do not comment on pending cases, and a call to the US Attorney General in Denver did not immediately return late Friday.

Alaska Airlines said in a statement, “We will not tolerate any discomfort on our plane or at the airports we serve.”