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Kyrin Carter Wiki – Biography

Kyrin Carter is a missing 12-year-old Missouri boy who was last seen at a hotel in Hammond, Indiana. Carter, who has autism, was staying there with her family during a trip. It was last seen around 12:30 on Saturday, May 15, 2021, according to an alarm received from the Indiana State Police.

Kyrin Carter Age

He Is 12 Year Old

Kyrin Carter Missing Investigation

Police say Kyrin is non-verbal, but quite functional. According to the Silver Alert published by the Indiana State Police, Kyrin is “believed to be in extreme danger and may need medical attention.”

Kyrin Last Seen in Light Blue Shirt, Light Blue Striped Navy Blue Shorts and Shoes

Last Seen

Kyrin was last seen exiting the Best Western hotel in Hammond, Indiana, at 3830 179th Street, according to police. Authorities posted a photo from the security camera showing Kyrin leaving the hotel. The Best Western is located near 179th Street and Cline Avenue.

Authorities believe Kyrin came out of the back door of the hotel near the Little Caulumet River, according to ABC Chicago. Police said at a press conference that the diving teams were removed as a precaution, but Kyrin was not believed to have entered the river. There is also a woodland near the rear of the hotel.
“It’s only been 48 hours, so our fingers are crossed, maybe he’s still hiding somewhere and he’s scared and we’re still going to find him,” Lieutenant Steve Kellogg of the Hammond Police Department told the news station on Sunday.

He and His Family Visit Their Relatives from Missouri and Indiana

CBS Chicago reports that Kyrin and her family visited relatives from Kansas City, Missouri and Indiana.

The Hammond Police Department wrote on Facebook: “The search for Kyrin Carter continues today. Kyrin is a 12-year-old autistic Black male who has been missing since Saturday afternoon. Today’s efforts are focused on air support from the Little Calumet River and Lake County Sheriff’s Department. We also continued the support of many ground volunteers. If anyone has the information or sees Kyrin, please call 911 immediately. Thank you”

Kyrin’s mother, Danielle Duckworth, told ABC Chicago, “I just want my baby back. It all belongs to the family.
“He doesn’t want much,” Duckworth told ABC Chicago. He just wants to be with his family. It’s my whole world. It means everything to me. Everything I do is for him, everything. ”

Duckworth handed out flyers to the volunteers and told the news station, “More flyers so everyone can see his face, just bring him back to see his face.”

The boy’s aunt, Patricia Duckworth, wrote on Facebook: “Numbness is an inadequate phrase. Please let this baby be found even if God explains to us where it is better.” Dozens of volunteer police and emergency rescue personnel participated in the field search for Kyrin. The police said at a press conference that more volunteers could join the search.

Hammond Police spokesperson Kellogg told ABC Chicago: “We had canine drones and helicopters and everything you can imagine here. Everyone is doing their best here.” Police added that the Natural Resources Department is using sonar to control the river. “We will keep trying until our efforts are completely finished,” Kellogg said.

Volunteer Phillip Clanton told the news station, “I couldn’t sleep this morning. I went out to see what I can do to help find this poor boy.” Another volunteer, Amy Coglianese added, “You know we are mothers and I would like the whole world to go out and help me find my son, that’s why. , you know, we hope we hope we can do that. Do it for him. ”The authorities and Kyrin’s family said he might fear strangers. The Highland Police Department, who helped the search, said on Facebook,“ If you see Kyrin, please don’t approach him. Because Kyrin is autistic, a stranger can scare him or cause him to run away.When you call 911, do your best to keep your eyes on him and emergency response teams will be sent to your location. If you think you may have seen something since Saturday, please also call 911. call. ”

The department said, “We ask you to check the inside of your garage, cottage and swimming pools. Look behind external objects on your premises that someone could hide behind. If you have a deck, check the gold. If you have a commercial dumpster, please check inside. If your property has cars or trucks, please check inside cars or trucks. ”

Kellogg said, “Don’t get close to him. If you see him, call 911. Keep seeing him. You know, he’ll be really scared and want his mom, so just grab some kind of visual and call us right away.”

Patricia Duckworth told ABC Chicago, “If you name her mother, she’ll probably stop her, you know, because she knows Danielle. I know the system is under overload right now, so if anyone sees anything, I need this baby back to its mom. ”

Danielle Duckworth told the news station that the boy was talking about his cousins ​​Keontae, Jada, Quincy, or Janea, or saying “Danielle has chicken wings” could calm her down until the police arrive.