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Kyle Rittenhouse Wiki – Charged

US teenager Kyle Rittenhouse, accused of killing two protesters during protests in Wisconsin over the summer, denied prosecutors’ allegations of any involvement with white supremacists on Thursday.

Attorney Mark Richards’ statement in a court file came after the prosecutors asked him to change the bond terms due to videos showing Rittenhouse at the bar and he made gestures associated with white power groups.

“The state bond case is a not-so-implicit attempt to bring the race issue into a case concerning one’s right to self-defense,” Richards wrote in response to prosecutors’ allegations.

Rittenhouse, 18, in Kenosha County, Wisconsin, was charged with first-degree murder and five other crimes related to gun attacks in which two people died and a third was injured. His lawyers stated that they were planning to claim that their clients acted in self-defense.

Prosecutors on Wednesday asked the Kenosha County Circuit Court to change the terms of release to prohibit alcohol consumption, any “white power” or “white supremacy” signs or gestures, and relations with any known militia members or pro-white supremacist groups.

Kenosha County Procuratorate’s Office, photo and video evidence showing that Rittenhouse, his mother, and several other adults went to Pudgy’s Pub in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin on January 5 and drank beer there, and the two men said “OK”, white supremacist groups. gesture used as a symbol by

Prosecutors also said Rittenhouse was serenaded by men at the bar with “Proud of Your Boy”, a song associated with the Proud Boys, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classified as a hate group citing the anti-Muslim and misogynist rhetoric.

Prosecutors noted that while an 18-year-old could legally drink alcohol in the presence of a parent in a pub in Wisconsin, the legal age in Illinois was 21. Rittenhouse resides in Illinois, after the $ 2 million bond was issued.

Richards said he did not object to changing the bond terms to ban alcohol.