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Dad, 16, ‘set unwanted five day-old daughter down in snow – then shot her in the head and killed her

The unnamed Kruckenberg-Anderson and Harper’s mother are said to have ‘decided they could not keep the child and they had to do something to prevent the child from happening’. Kruckenberg-Anderson is said to have given it to the police after being arrested, according to the statement. He is then accused of taking Harper into the woods and covering him with snow before he shoots him. The tiny body of the baby was found five days later, with a gunshot wound to the head. Kruckenberg-Anderson is said to have initially told the police that he gave Harper to a friend but was unable to give the officers his name or phone number. The alleged killer is also said to have met his friend via Snapchat and claimed that he gave them $ 60 to take Harper to an adoption agency. Kruckenberg-Anderson then took the police to Harper’s body and told investigators that she left her daughter to die for disclosure. Although investigators later discovered that Harper was shot dead, NBC 15 reported that Harper heard her screams as she walked away from him. The virtual court hearing of Kruckenberg-Anderson was ordered to be held in prison instead of $ 1 million in bonds, and will appear in court for a pre-trial on January 20. The court said a 16-year-old boy stuffed his newborn daughter into his backpack, left him in some snow – then shot and killed him twice in the head. Logan Kruckenberg-Anderson’s daughter Harper allegedly killed on January 5 in Albany, Wisconsin, a bail hearing was held on Tuesday.