Who Is Kristin Pitzen? Wiki, Bio, Teacher Suggests Students Be Proud of the Flag

Kristin Pitzen

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Kristin Pitzen is a California educator who uncovered in a TikTok video that she proposed her understudies say the Pledge of Allegiance to the gay pride banner. In the video, she says she eliminated the American banner from her study hall since it made her “awkward.”

The video was shared by the Twitter Page Libs of Tiktok, sending it viral, and where it has more than 1 million perspectives. It was initially posted on the instructor’s TikTok page, @mrsgillingsworth, as per Libs of TikTok. Fox News recognized her as Kristin Pitzen of Newport Mesa School District in Orange County, California. Screen captures of her currently erased LinkedIn page affirm something very similar. The Google store for her TikTok page says it read, “Your Favorite English Teacher ‍♀️ ‍ ✨ She/They.” It’s as of now not dynamic.

In a Facebook post, the Newport Mesa School District affirmed it is researching the episode.

In the Video, the Teacher Says, ‘I do Have a Flag in the Class That We Can Pledge Allegiance To’

The Libs of TikTok twitter page shared the video and stated, “Instructor taunts the American Flag and proposes to understudies they can say the Pledge of Allegiance to the pride banner.”

“OK, so during third period, we have declarations and they do the Pledge of Allegiance,” the instructor says in the video. “I generally tell my class, stand in the event that you feel as it, don’t stand in the event that you feel like it, say the words assuming you need, you don’t need to say the words. So my class chose to stand yet not say the words, thoroughly fine. With the exception of the way that my room doesn’t have a banner. It used to be there. Be that as it may, I brought it down during COVID on the grounds that it made me feel awkward. What’s more, um, I stored it, and I don’t have a clue where, and I haven’t discovered it yet. In any case, my child today goes, ‘It’s sort of abnormal that we simply stand and say it to nothing.’ And I’m similar to, ‘Anyway, I must discover it. I’m dealing with it, I have you.’ meanwhile, I tell this child, I do have a banner in the class that we can vow faithfulness to. He glances around and he goes, goodness that one?”

The video then, at that point container to show the pride banner.

Pitzen chuckled on various occasions during the video.

Libs of TikTok additionally posted a subsequent video showing Pitzen wearing rainbow studs and glasses. “She flaunts all the pride banners in her study hall and says ‘I vow faithfulness to the queers,'” that subtitle peruses.

“Cheerful pride everybody! It’s June 1. The beginning of Pride Month,” she says in that video. She flaunted pride banners all through her study hall. “I promise loyalty to the queers,” she said, putting her hand over her heart.

“I’ve additionally got a huge pride, comprehensive banner,” Pitzen said, adding that she planned to put it up in her study hall. Screen captures of remarks “Mrs. Gillingsworth” posted on TikTok, read things like, “I’m normally standing consistently in class just normally yet I put my hands caught down and I don’t say the words. I underscore that it is alright.” The School District is exploring the video, which was made on August 27, 2021.

“On Friday evening, one of our instructors made an individual web-based media post that caused alert and concern identified with recognizing the American banner. Recognizing our country’s banner is a significant worth our District imparts in our understudies and is an assumption for our worker,” the school locale posted on Facebook.

“We treat this matter in a serious way and are examining and tending to it.” Heavy connected with the area director to check whether he needed to offer extra remark.

The post has loaded up with negative remarks against the instructor.

“Tell me the location of the school and I’ll send you an American banner? Perhaps I’ll send one that has flown over Arlington National Cemetery,” thought of one individual.

“It’s basic. Kristen Pitzen either addresses the ethos of NMUSD or she doesn’t. Which right? We will know by the moves NMUSD makes today, 🇺🇸” composed another.

“As she posts this on Friday, there are 13 lamenting groups of those warriors that were killed in Afghanistan. Dishonorable,” one more composed.

Previous acting head of public insight Ric Grenell was among those scrutinizing Pitzen for the video. “What sort of parent would permit their kid to be instructed by this psycho? Why are guardians surrendering their children to somebody they don’t have a clue? I’d prefer to converse with individuals who think this is good?!?” Grenell composed on Twitter.

The Google store for Pitzen’s presently erased LinkedIn page said she is an “English Second Language Teacher” in Orange County, California, Newport Mesa Unified School District. Her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are additionally erased.

She was recorded as an English instructor at Back Bay High School in a now erased site page. The staff index for Back Bay High School is presently not a functioning page