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A restaurant host rescued an abused 11-year-old from the torturers by cautiously showing her a note asking if she was okay – then giving her a signal. Flaviane Carvalho said, “Do you need help? It’s okay on a piece of paper, and after realizing that his family was hiding food from him and forbidding him to order food at the Mr Potato restaurant in Orlando on New Year’s Day, he showed the boy. He stood behind him so they didn’t see him, then he lifted the note. He asked him to call 911, pointing yes. Orlando


Police interviewed the young man detailing the torture he had allegedly endured. Orlando Police Department spokesman explained: He said he was hung upside down through a door. He said he was shot with a wooden broom, handcuffed and tied to a large moving car. She also said that she didn’t eat regularly as a punishment. Wilson was later charged with child abuse. Swann was accused of negligence, allegedly knowing about Wilson’s abuse, but never wanted to stop or seek medical attention for his son. Orlando Police hailed Carvalho for rescuing Carvalho from his abusers. A spokesperson told Fox35: “Saying something when Ms Carvalho saw something, she showed courage and interest in a boy she had never met before, and we are proud that someone like Ms Carvalho lives and works in our society