kim kardashian divorce kanye tmz Wiki, Bio, & More Facts

kim kardashian divorce kanye tmz

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in marriage counseling and we learned that divorce issue started in most of 2020, but they didn’t give up.

Multiple sources with direct information tell TMZ that marriage is in big trouble in the last half of 2020. In fact, Kim was rumored to be ready to pull the plug on the marriage at some point, but Kanye was going through a period. When the severe bipolar episode was not well and she felt cruel to do so.

They have lived apart for a few months … Kanye spends most of his time in Wyoming while in Calabasas with the kids. They were caught up in personal business projects and not focused on any final decision making Kim went back and forth, we’ve been told … sometimes she thinks divorce is the only option, other times she believes it’s a chance to save the marriage. That’s why they went on a family vacation last year to see if they could fix things.

Everything has been put on hold for the Christmas holidays, but now the issue is at the forefront. Kim hired her queen on duty, Laura Wasser, for various reasons over the years, and the issue of divorce was discussed months ago, but Kim did not give the green light to the file.

His indecision is understandable, neither with 4 small children. They got married in May 2014

They say no final decision has been made and they say they have been in consulting for a while.

We’ve been told that their problems are neither contentious nor ugly, but there are many differences from lifestyle to politics. However, they are fully compatible with parenting.


More Facts

Last night, Page Six reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were close to filing for divorce. People, E!, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, and Us Weekly later released their own reports and told sources that Kardashian had not yet filed but knew that her marriage was over for a while. The sources collectively paint a clear picture of how things are in the Kardashian-West marriage and why the relationship broke up.

Here, all of this is revealed as to why the two broke up.

Kardashian and West are separating partly because Kardashian has reached the border with West. “He’s serious about taking the bar exam and becoming a lawyer, he’s serious about his prison reform campaign,” a source said. “By the way, Kanye talks about running for president and saying other crazy things, and that’s enough for him.”

Meanwhile, West has had enough of the Kardashian family and their reality show. A second source said, “[He] is on the whole family‚Ķ He doesn’t want to do anything with them.” This resource added that he finds his programs now “unbearable”.

TMZ explained that Kardashian and West were in counseling and divorce was too much on the table. Its problems are not “controversial”, but there are “many differences” from lifestyle to politics.
The outlet was said by many sources that Kardashian and West have lived apart for “several months” with Wyoming-based West and Los Angeles-based Kardashian.