Who Was Kian Southway? Wiki, Bio, (Killed Himself), Age, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Kian Southway Wiki

When an investigation was heard, a 15-year-old student sent a ‘farewell’ message to his friends after struggling to get past the days of the initial coronavirus lockout.

Talented kickboxer Kian Southway released the message ‘Goodbye to everyone’ before hanging himself at his home in Treorchy, Rhondda.

Her family rushed to check on Kian in March last year after her younger sister was alerted by her friends via a social media post.

Kian Southway Killed Himself, Facts You Need To Know

The tragic teenager was found hung and despite being hospitalized, his condition fell and died four days later.

An investigation heard that he missed his friends and school due to the isolation and worried that he would not be able to take his exams.

At the Pontypridd trial, Kian was said to have ‘argued’ with a girl was also close to. The girl told the hearing that she and Kian were “more than friends” but were not in a formal relationship.

She said: ‘I had last seen Kian the weekend before her death. We argued a bit, but I can’t say it was a fight or an argument.

I didn’t always reply to Kian’s messages immediately, but I didn’t reply to someone else’s messages either.

“I found out what happened on March 27th. A Snapchat story was delivered.”

At the trial, it was said that Kian missed school due to the lockdown and had to rely on predicted grades for his GCSEs.

Jolene Southway, Kian’s mother, 41, said: ‘Kian was smart, popular and enjoyable to teach. He loved school and loved being outside with the kids.

He always had A * and A’s but when he got results he got some B’s. We probably gave him some hard times. ‘

Kian was found by his family on March 27, 2020 but died on March 31.

South Wales Central forensic officer Thomas Atherton recorded the conclusion that he had committed suicide.

“The death of a teenager is tragic, but when you consider the circumstances of a young man with a loving family and close friends, it is a bigger tragedy.”

Speaking earlier, Jolene warned others to be aware of the potential dangers of the lockdown.


She said: ‘We need people to know that Kian is not suffering from mental health issues, not depressed.

We need people to know how quickly this happens. I think he literally felt isolated from the world because of this Covid-19.

Kian loved life. Boris Johnson announced it was locked on Monday and was gone on Friday. He held on, saying that he couldn’t wait for it to end and wanted to fast forward them all.

We never expected that. We talk all the time and encourage children to talk, we don’t hide anything. ‘

Jolene urged others to talk if they were struggling.

She added: ‘I need people to talk, I need people to know that it’s okay not to be well and that people really love you and want to talk. If you can’t talk to your loved ones, there are numbers.

We are a family you don’t expect this to happen. Kian lived the best life .. Destroys people, families, destroys everything. ‘