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Khari Covington ( Accused) Wiki

A man arrested after conducting a series of suspected random attacks on women at the Brooklyn metro station. Covington was arrested on Tuesday and charged with a series of hate crimes. He has been accused of individually attacking nine women in East Williamsburg since last August. Seven of the alleged attacks occurred at the Morgan Avenue metro station. Two more attacks took place in the streets above.

Khari Covington Age

Khari Covington, 29

Khari Covington Charged (Investigation Reports)

Police said 29-year-old Khari Covington has been charged with assaulting nine women more than once in East Williamsburg since last August. Police said seven of the alleged attacks occurred mostly at the Morgan Avenue metro station, two of which were close to the street. Sources say Covington targets women with fair skin. The police said that Covington had entered the shop and went to the back of the counter where he punched the woman, threw her on the floor and put an arm around her neck. Covington also tried to rob the store but was left empty. The victim of the recent attack refused medical treatment. The arrest came after one of the women who had recently been attacked on the subway criticized the NYPD for not warning the public about the pattern of the attack. “I am surprised that this happens so often,” said journalist Bianca Fortis, 32, on Monday. I did not see the police there. When he left the station on December 28, Fortis had multiple bruises on his face, shoulder and chest, there were no flyers, ”he said. Covington was held responsible for the attack on Fortis. Police had previously arrested 50-year-old Benny Watts and three other people at the police station in connection with the attack. However, a senior NYPD official told NBC New York that Watts was mistakenly arrested and her charges were dropped. Police said the alleged attack on Covington’s Morgan Avenue station began on November 11 and the last attack was on Saturday. The police said most of the victims were 20 years old. In the first case reported in connection with his arrest on Tuesday, Covington allegedly passed a woman who had just stepped out of a building on Morgan Street near Rock Street last August. Police said Covington was charged with eight hate crime attacks and attempted the theft as a hate crime.