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Kezzie & Her Childs Wiki – Murder

A teenager accused of murdering five people and an unborn baby in a fire opened at his family’s home in Indianapolis was charged with murder.

According to court records, the Marion County Procuratorate filed a criminal complaint Thursday morning against 17-year-old Raymond Childs III.

He faces six murders, one attempted murder and one unlicensed pistol. Childs III allegedly opened fire with an assault rifle in the early hours of Sunday morning – his mother, Kezzie Childs, 42, killed his father, Raymond Childs Jr., 42, his 18-year-old brother Elijah, and his 13-year-old sister Rita. Elijah’s 19-year-old girlfriend Kiara Hawkins was also murdered along with her unborn baby.

He was identified as a gunman by his younger brother Xavier Childs, who was injured by a bullet while running from home, according to the police report. The 15-year-old Xavier continues to be hospitalized but is expected to recover.

Investigation Reports

According to court records, 17-year-old Raymond Childs III was charged with murder Thursday morning. He is accused of murdering six people at his family’s home in Indianapolis on Sunday morning.

Police previously kept the name of the suspect under secret due to his age. Due to the seriousness of the alleged crimes, she was released after being brought to adult court. Childs III escaped home after the murders and was arrested on Monday in Plainfield, about 40 km away.

He was being held in the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center before the charges were made. It is not clear if he was transferred to an adult prison.

Childs III’s younger brother, Xavier, had called 911 to report the shooting at around 4pm on Sunday after he ran away from the house on Adams Street, according to police report.

When Xavier went to the hospital, he told the officers that the attacker was his 17-year-old brother and said: ‘They killed my whole family.

Describing the moments that went to the shoot, Xavier told the detectives that his older brother was scolded by his father for leaving the house without permission.

Xavier, father Raymond, warned his older son that he would be punished before chaos erupted.

The younger brother said he was downstairs with his family when they heard gunshots upstairs. His sister cried out: “He shot them” and more shots were heard.

According to the police report, his brother later said that he ‘came downstairs with a draco gun, a pistol that fired rifle bullets and started shooting’.

Xavier ran away from home as his brother followed after him and fired several times. These shots are believed to have reported what their neighbors heard.

Responding to the little brother’s 911 call, officers came to the neighborhood and launched an investigation.

Kezzie, Raymond Jr, Elijah, and Rita were declared dead at the scene. Police said that, despite life-saving measures, she was transferred to a local hospital where she died with her unborn baby.

Loved ones ran two GoFundMe campaigns, one for the Childs family and the other for Hawkins, which together raised more than $ 23,000 for funeral expenses.

Hawkins’ mother, Rhonique Hawkins, shared her heartbreak with DailyMail.com on Tuesday, explaining that the teenager was only days away from her birth date when she was murdered.

She was my first she. Everything he taught me made me the woman and mother I am today, ‘said Rhonique. I love and miss him very much.

A local pastor reacted to the tragedy on Tuesday and said he was afraid that the violent lyrics in the suspect’s music might have inspired the murder spree.

Pastor Kenneth Sullivan Jr allegedly told WTHR that videos posted on YouTube show the suspect using the name ‘Lil Raymond’ and raping weapons.

“This is really sickening, it really hurts,” said Sullivan, whose relationship to Childs’ family is uncertain.

He said it was possible for him to be the ‘artist who portrayed’ the things he raped while shooting.

“If you are constantly feeding your mind negative things and destructive things, it won’t take long for you to interfere with those things,” Sullivan said.

The WTHR reported that investigators were working to determine if the guns seen in the music video matched the guns used in the Sunday shooting. Explaining that the suspect was arrested on Monday, IMPD President Randal Taylor said, ‘Yesterday we promised quick justice for this heinous act. Today we have fulfilled what we promised.

While removing the perpetrator of yesterday’s mass murder from our neighborhoods will not bring back the meaningless lives lost, I hope this will bring us one step closer to recovery as a society.

“I am grateful to all IMPD officials and criminal justice partners who have worked tirelessly for the past 30 hours to deliver justice to these victims, their friends, their families and our entire community.”