Kewon Dontrell Charged (Arrested)

A 22-year-old parole was in prison on Thursday due to the murder of rap music artist Mo3, whom his family knows as Melvin Noble, on the November 11 Dallas highway.

Police said White was arrested on Wednesday and charged with the murder and also the federal gun violation by a convicted criminal of possession of a firearm.

Criminal Defense Attorney Ray Jackson, who was not involved in the case, said other people could be involved, and the authorities would definitely ask White to name them.


Like using toothpaste, you squeeze it on the bottom and it comes out on top. So you’re trying to get as many people as you can get involved,” Jackson said.

The lawyer said that the Instagram photos that White posted showing him what looked like guns and money could damage White’s defense.

Social media statements strongly suggest that the Mo3 murder was a paid hit by a third party.

“Especially if this attack is believed to have occurred as a result of someone getting paid to kill him.” Jackson said.

Federal investigators’ involvement could also lead to a larger court case, such as an organized criminal organization or the RICO case, according to Jackson.

“Certainly, it could be a RICO case paid for the murder. So it’s impossible to tell where this case will go. And another thing you should consider is that federally, there is more funding for investigation,” said Jackson.

A press release by the Dallas US Attorney said that White was arrested on Wednesday at Oak Cliff by officers from the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the US Marshal Service and the Dallas Police. The US Attorney General also said that a White branch was in custody.

I-35E R.L. in Oak Cliff Shortly after the massacre in broad daylight at Thornton Freeway, the police published a photo of the gunman in action.

This man, identified as Kewon Dontrell White, has a previous history of arrests and, according to public records, was on parole earlier this year.

Dallas Police caught the man who shot rapper Mo3 in cold blood, slapped him on a murder charge, and handed him over to the feds … because he’s in more trouble. Homicide detectives said they tracked down Kewon Dontrell White on Wednesday in a clue game from a witness about the alleged murder of Mo3 in Dallas on November 11. Police officers to TMZ with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns with guns, White apparently knew or followed Mo3 – detectives say he had evidence that placed him with the rapper the day before he was shot and also the day the murder was committed. As we first reported, sources said that Mo3 knew that Mo3 was being tracked out of a female friend’s house on the morning of November 11. A car chase began, ending on the I-35 highway, and Mo3 was shot dead while trying to escape. on foot. Police said the 22-year-old White is currently in federal custody for the crime of a forbidden person possessing firearm, in addition to his murder charge in Dallas.

Mo3 Picture

Mo3 was shot and killed in Dallas in November.

According to TMZ, the rapper was shot after being chased in a car chase in Mo3’s hometown of Dallas on November 11. Mo3, who left a “female friend’s house” that morning, reportedly noticed that she was being followed from the house. to stop at a gas station.

The debut reported that the rapper tried to lose the person who was supposed to be following him by jumping on the I-35. Unfortunately, he fell and tried to walk away from the attacker.

Dallas Morning News reported that a suspect was arrested in connection with the rapper’s death on December 9, almost a month after Mo3’s death. Kewon Dontrell White, 22, was arrested in the rapper’s hometown in connection with the shooting. According to the outlet, White was accused of possession of a firearm by a convicted criminal, but it’s unclear how it was linked to Mo3’s death.