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Kevin Seefried Wiki – Arrest

Laurel’s Kevin Seefried, Delaware, was arrested after the FBI reported that he was a man with a Confederate flag during the US Capitol siege.

Seefried was with his son in the Capitol, which was arrested Thursday (January 14th), according to the US Department of Justice. They were both arrested in Delaware and were accused of intentionally entering or staying in any restricted building or grounds without legal authority, violent entry and erratic behavior once on the Capitol grounds, and once for damaging state property. During the events at the US Attorney General, Kevin Seefried and Hunter Seefried allegedly entered the Senate House through a broken window and shortly thereafter, Kevin Seefried was photographed with a Confederate War flag in the Capitol Building. In a statement.

  • The FBI Says Kevin Seefried and His Son Say He Boasted to Being with Hunter’s Father in his Capital Building

One person describing Kevin Seefried as a Confederate War-flag person in the US Capitol told FBI agents that the man’s son, Hunter Seefried, was “boasting” with his father in the siege of the Capitol. The caller was Hunter Seefried’s colleague and said he recognized him in the Metropolitan Police Department flyer, according to court documents submitted in the case.

An FBI agent wrote in the court file: “The defendants Kevin Seefried and Hunter Seefried were diagnosed after the FBI received a report from a colleague of Hunter Seefried that Hunter Seefried was bragging about being with his father in the capital on January 6, 2021.” . “Reporter confirmed that Hunter Seefried appeared in a Metropolitan Police Department flyer depicting people breaching the Capitol Building’s security; mustache and wearing a black hat and black jacket. (Appendix B). FBI, Kevin Seefried’s driving license. “He studied his photo and matched the image of the person holding the Confederate War Flag. The FBI was also able to confirm that Kevin Seefried is Hunter Seefried’s father.”

Both Kevin Seefried and his son Hunter Seefried were to appear in court today, Delaware Online reports.

The man in the picture, carrying the flag of the Confederation, was among those that the FBI posted on social media to seek help from the public to identify him.