Who Is Kevin Lyons? Wiki, Bio, Age, Charged, Arrested, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Kevin Lyons Wiki – Charged

News has learned that the FBI issued a search warrant at a man’s home in Chicago in connection with the siege of the United States Capital last week.

Kevin Lyons is accused of illegally entering the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a violent demonstration last week.

He was charged in federal court Wednesday afternoon.

His social media posts show he was a Trump supporter who previously spoke of “taking the fight to Antifa”.

Other posts showed that in the days after the riot broke out after police shot Jacob Blake, the man also visited Kenosha, WI.

A Chicago man was arrested on federal charges by posting a photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office looted on social media while he was in the building, alleging that he had participated in the US capital riot last week.

Kevin Lyons, 40, from the Gladstone Park neighborhood on the Northwest Side, was accused of violent entry and erratic behavior on the Capitol grounds in Washington.

He was arrested at his home on the 5500 block of North Mason Boulevard, and is scheduled to hold an evacuation hearing at the Dirksen US Courthouse in Chicago, where a magistrate will decide whether to give a warrant or to be arrested. the capital of the country will face the charges.

According to the complaint, Lyons posted a photo of Pelosi’s office and the message “STOP THE STEAL” on social media, citing President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was stolen. Before going to Washington, he claimed to his Instagram account, “I refuse to tell my kids that I sat down and did nothing.”

From this account, it appears that Lyons is working as an HVAC technician.

Lyons was the second person accused of direct participation in events last Wednesday, when supporters of Republican President Donald Trump raided the US Capital to prevent Congress from approving the election vote for President-elected Joe Biden. death of a police officer and four others.

Last week, Bradley Rukstales of Inverness, then CEO of a Schaumburg technology firm, was accused of being part of the same gang in the US District Court in Washington.

The FBI has since warned of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals and the days leading up to Biden’s inauguration in Washington, fueling fears of further bloodshed after last week’s deadly siege.

On Tuesday, Louis Capriotti of Chicago Heights was shot with unrelated federal accusations alleging that he had promised violence at the upcoming presidential opening in Washington.