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The NYPD said they arrested a murderer who hunted victims in a home for the elderly in Brooklyn.

According to police, 66-year-old Kevin Gavin killed three residents at Carter G. Woodson Homes between 2015 and 2021.

“Mr. Gavin knew most of the residents in the building and ran the business of some of the older tenants who lived in that place,” said Rodney Harrison, NYPD Chief of Detectives.

Police say they think Gavin attacked women after discussions about money. Harrison lives in the building, Harrison said. Previously arrested, most of them for drug-related crimes.

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Harrison said Gavin murdered 82-year-old Myrtle McKenny, who was found by a paramedic at his home in November 2015. Police initially said they believed McKenny died of natural causes, but further investigation revealed a stab wound to her neck.The second murder victim was 83-year-old Jacolia James, found by her grandson in May 2019.

FLASHBACK: Residents Demand Increased Security in NYCHA Buildings

“Ma’am. James had extremely suspicious wounds on his face and neck,” said Harrison.

Juanita Caballero, 78, was found on January 15th with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck. His son Steven was the person who found his body.

My heart is broken, he said. “I can never see the dream of seeing my mother through my eyes.”

“I wanted the community to know how devastating these losses were for the people of Brownsville and the residents of these homes,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. “These women, who are dear mothers, grandmothers, and neighbors, are the fear that exists in Woodson Houses about what is going on there.”

78-year-old woman found dead with rope around neck in Brooklyn NYCHA building

“I am sure the defendant has benefited from his relationship with these women, was allowed into their home and committed inexplicable acts of violence against them,” Gonzalez added. “I think this arrest will have a profound effect on the sense of public safety in Brooklyn.”

On Thursday afternoon, Cabarello’s family gathered in prayer, expressing both relief and sadness, after police announced that Gavin was arrested.

We want justice. We want action. My mother’s friends still live in this building. They need to be protected, ”Steven Cabarello said.

Investigators say Gavin was the main suspect after James’ murder, and that forensic evidence in Juanita Cabarello’s murder was the last link that led to Gavin’s arrest.

“There was some additional evidence that allowed us to contact in this recent murder,” said Gonzalez. I can’t lie, I’m not surprised, “said tenant Esther Williams.

“Why do you say that?” Hazel Sanchez from CBS2 asked.

Because she was always inside and outside the building. It had an entrance to the building. He had access to tenants. All tenants know him. And he was always looking for money, ”said Williams.

“I never thought you would do such a thing,” said Mae Frazier, a Brownsville resident.

Local leaders joined the victims’ families in the ongoing call for greater security in the building. NYCHA says there are cameras and a security guard in the lobby and is trying to speed up the installation of CCTV cameras.

Tenants believe the cameras may have closed this case a long time ago. The family says it’s too late.

“NYCHA failed our families,” Steven Cabarello said.

Lamarr Crafton, the grandson of Jacolia James, said, “I hope the person they caught, whoever that person is, will be prosecuted so that my family and their families can be closed.”

Police say Gavin made a statement about the three murders.

Ali Bauman of CBS2 reported that police investigated a fourth murder involving a man living in the same building, but this murder is currently not linked to the other three.