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Kevin Durant Wiki – Kevin Durant Biography

Known only by his initials KD, he is an American professional basketball player for the Brooklyn Nets of National Basketball Association (NBA). He played college basketball for one season for the University of Texas and was selected as the second overall pick by the Seattle SuperSonics in the 2007 NBA draft. He played for nine seasons with the franchise, which became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008, before signing with the Golden State Warriors in 2016, winning consecutive championships in 2017 and 2018.

Durant was a heavily hired high school candidate who was considered the second best player in his class. He won numerous year-end awards at the university and became the first freshman to be named Naismith College Player of the Year. As a professional, he has won two NBA championships, one NBA Most Valuable Player Award, two Final MVP Awards, two NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Awards, four NBA scores, NBA Rookie of the Year Awards, and two Olympics. gold medals. Durant has also been named to nine All-NBA teams and eleven NBA All-Star teams.

Durant is one of the world’s top-earning basketball players off the court, partly due to endorsement deals with companies such as Foot Locker and Nike. He has built a reputation for philanthropy and regularly leads the league in All-Star voting and jersey sales. He has contributed to The Players’ Tribune both as a photographer and writer in recent years. He started acting in 2012, appearing in the movie Thunderstruck.

Durant was born on September 29, 1988 in Washington, D.C., the child of Wanda (née Durant) and Wayne Pratt. When Durant was a baby, his father left the family; Wanda and Wayne eventually divorced, and Durant’s grandmother, Barbara Davis, helped her raise. At the age of 13, his father re-entered his life and traveled the country with him to basketball tournaments. Durant has a sister named Brianna and two brothers named Tony and Rayvonne.

Durant and his siblings grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on the eastern outskirts of Washington, DC. He was unusually tall from a young age, and when he was in secondary school (13 years old) he reached 1.83 m (1.83 m). , 14). Growing up, Durant wanted to play for his favorite team Toronto Raptors, which included his favorite player Vince Carter. He played Amateur Athletic Association (AAU) basketball for several teams in the Maryland area and was teammates with future NBA players Michael Beasley, Greivis Vásquez and Ty Lawson, with whom Durant remains friends to this day. During this time, he began wearing # 35 as his jersey number in honor of AAU coach Charles Craig, who was killed at the age of 35.

After playing high school basketball for two years at the National Christian Academy and a year at Oak Hill Academy, Durant transferred to Montrose Christian School for seniors, grew 5 inches (13 cm) before the season began and started at year 6. ft 7 in. (2.01 m).

He was affiliated with the University of Texas prior to the start of the season. He visited Connecticut University and the University of North Carolina and said he was considering Duke University, University of Kentucky and University of Louisville. When asked why he chose a university program with a lesser known one, he said, “I wanted to make my own way.”

At the end of the year, he was named the Washington Post All-Met Basketball Player of the Year and the Most Valuable Player of the 2006 McDonald’s All-American Game. It’s considered the second-best high school prospect of 2006, behind Greg Oden.

Kevin Durant Age, Height, Weight, Shoe Size

He Is 32 Year Old.

Height: 2.08 m

Weight: 109 kg

Shoe size: 18

Kevin Durant Has Been Fined,

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant was fined $ 50,000 by the NBA for threatening and rude comments the 51-year-old actor directed at Michael Rapaport in a private online discussion earlier this week.

Rapaport, currently a sports-centric podcast, posted a screenshot on Twitter on Tuesday, showing that her former NBA MVP called her a ‘pale c *** sucker’ and referred to his wife during online shopping. The controversy seems to have started in December after Rapaport criticized Durant for a strange post-game interview.

On Thursday, before the Nets defeated the visiting Charlotte Hornets, the injured Durant said he was sorry for using this language. “I’m sorry people see the language I use,” said the injured Durant, before the Charlotte Hornets win in Brooklyn on Thursday. ‘That’s not what I want people to see and hear from me, but I hope I can get past it and go back to the ground.’

Durant apologized Tuesday after Rapaport announced his rent, but in another post, the former NBA MVP seemed to dismiss the trade as a friendly joke: ‘Me and Mike are talking CRAZY than this and angry today … My bad mic, Damn get it !! ‘

Rapaport denied the apology, writing on Twitter that he crossed a line by mentioning Durant’s wife: ‘Never threaten me or talk about my wife P ****.’

Durant took a little back step with Rapaport on Tuesday afternoon, insisting he had no intention of violence.

“MIKE WILL NEVER BE FIGHTED,” Durant replied on Instagram. ‘IT HAPPENED TO THE PORTNO AWAY ….. sorry my fault.’

Durant later wrote: ‘Wow are you acting brand new now ?? We’ve been talking like this for years and you’re getting serious today. Wowww. Smhhh. ”

In a podcast this week, Rapaport denied Durant’s suggestion that they really are friends, and said she announced the talk so she could ‘control the narrative.’

We are not friends, this is not a joke, I would not call my friends and pretend to spit on you.

This is not a locker room talk, we are not talking. People don’t speak like that, you threaten me. You did it three times. ‘

Rapaport continued: “I wanted everyone to see what kind of slut she was. “Never slip on my DMs like they’re s ** t cute, we’re not friends, I don’t even have a damn phone number, corn ball.” Durant and Rapaport have not always had a contentious relationship.

The duo even made a light-hearted video where Rapaport took turns asking for tickets and complaining about the seats provided to him by Durant.

While Durant accused Rapaport of being over-sensitive, he has faced the same accusation over the years.

Durant was even caught using a fake ‘burner’ Twitter account to attack his online critics.

After signing with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent in 2017, Oklahoma City appeared before a fan questioning his decision to leave the Thunder.

Durant responded in third person because he seemed to think he was on a burner account: “He didn’t like to play for the [Durant] organization or for [then Thunder coach] Billy Donovan. His squad wasn’t that good, just him and [Russell Westbrook] ” Frankly. fans noticed that Durant was writing about him as a third party, and they quickly realized the possibility of having a burner account.

After the incident, Durant defended himself at a TechCrunch Disrupt event, saying he was very passionate about discussing basketball.

“I use Twitter to interact with fans,” said Durant. I think it’s a great way to interact with basketball fans. I went a little too far. Sometimes when I get into these basketball discussions about what I really like, it happens like this to play basketball.

Durant has been suffering from a hamstring injury since mid-February, but the talent-laden Nets currently tied the Philadelphia 76ers first in the Eastern Conference rankings.

Listed at 1.8 meters tall and believed to be taller, Durant has been one of the game’s leading players since being selected by the Seattle SuperSonics in the second overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. The former Texas Longhorns star now has two NBA Finals MVP awards, along with a pair of NBA championships, the 2014 NBA MVP awards, and the 2008 Rookie of the Year trophy.

In 2019, Durant signed a four-year, $ 164 million signature and trade deal with Golden State and sent him to Brooklyn and is now paired with other All-Stars such as Kyrie Irving and James Harden.