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Kenya Jenkins Wiki – Police Investigation (Charged)

Omaha police arrested a 21-year-old boy for firing multiple times at the police officer during the shoplifting incident
Police said 21-year-old Kenya Jenkins shot OPD Officer Jeffrey Wittuck in the face and head four times.

Omaha Police revealed the name of the suspect charged with shooting an officer at Westroads Mall on Friday. Police said that 21-year-old Kenya Jenkins shot OPD Officer Jeffrey Wittuck four times in the face and head.

The OPD said that Jenkins would be charged with attempted murder and using weapons to commit a crime. Wittstruck is determined and getting better. OPD said he has been working in the department since September 2016.

Omaha police chief Todd Schmaderer published the following statement about Wittstruck:

“Our prayers are with Officer Wittstruck and his family for a complete recovery. On behalf of all Omaha Police Officers, thank you for your support and interest. Omaha Police Officers answer the 911 calls repeatedly throughout the day to ensure the safety of Omaha. It’s important to remember the dangers they pose; calls that need to be answered just because someone needs them. ”
Officers responded to JCPenney’s at Westroads Mall at 3:27 am. The store’s loss prevention employee told officers that Jenkins had packed a pack of T-shirts in a backpack and left the store without paying for them.

The police said that Jenkins initially gave security a fake name.

Omaha police said that Jenkins did not cooperate when Wittstruck tried to talk to him. Wittstruck asked Jenkins to remove his backpack, and reports instead said that Jenkins stood up and put his right hand in his sweatshirt pocket.

Police report Wittstruck asked Jenkins to show his hands many times, but Jenkins refused. Wittstruck started arresting Jenkins, the police said that Jenkins had started to resist.

A fight ensued and he tried to use his Wittstruck taser on Jenkins, but reports said it didn’t work.

That’s when Jenkins pulled a gun from his sweatshirt and fired at Wittstruck before the loss prevention office was over.

Omaha police said the incident was recorded on Wittstruck’s body camera. An outdoor security camera recorded Jenkins driving in a white car.

According to the police department, another officer and employees of JCPenney provided assistance to Wittstruck. Various agencies came in, including Nebraska State Patrol and set up a circle around Westroads to search for Jenkins.

Omaha Fire Brigade paramedics arrived and took Wittstruck to the Nebraska Medical Center in critical condition.

Police said Wittstruck’s firearm had not been unsheathed and fired.

OPD reported that at 5:22 p.m., a Nebraska State Patrol Officer saw Jenkins’s car near a gas station at the Gretna 432 exit. After a traffic stop attempt, the police said that Jenkins was traveling west on the I-80 at a high speed.

Authorities reported that Jenkins was traveling at 140 miles per hour.

The inspector said the soldiers had placed stop bars near the Waverly intersection on I-80 before Jenkins’s car climbed onto Highway 6 and caught on the railroad tracks. When the soldiers detained Jenkins, the soldiers found a weapon.

OPD says that Jenkins started complaining of a minor leg injury when he arrived at the police station. Police said paramedics did not transplant Jenkins, but they were prone to injury.

Investigators said Jenkins has a past history that includes resisting arrest and escape. The police also said that the investigation is continuing.

Jeffrey Wittuck (Police Officer) Shot

Responding to a burglary call in a store, a police officer was shot in the face and on the head.

The incident occurred on Friday, March 12, at 15:27. When, at a JC Penney store in Omaha, Nebraska, Officer Jeffrey Wittstruck was sent to a report about a thief detained by security after claiming to take a pack of T-shirts and put them in his backpack, exit the organization for free, according to the Omaha Police Department.

The authorities, later 21-year-old Kenya Lamont Jenkins Jr. They say the confirmed suspect initially gave the store security a fake name and was not disclosed or cooperated after it was stopped.

The situation quickly escalated after Officer Wittstruck, who had been working in the Omaha Police Department since September 2016, arrived at the scene.

“Officer Wittstruck prompted Jenkins to remove his backpack, while Jenkins stood up and put his right hand in his sweatshirt pocket,” said Todd Schmaderer, Chief of Police from the Omaha Police Department, in a statement. Officer Wittstruck asked Jenkins to show his hands many times, but Jenkins refused. Officer Wittstruck reported that Jenkins had been arrested, and Jenkins did not cooperate, pushing Officer Witt while trying to put handcuffs on Jenkins. ”

According to the Omaha Police Department, Wittstruck and Jenkins got into a short fight before Wittstruck drew the gun and Jenkins put his hand back into the sweatshirt pocket. The police officer then placed the taser, but was ineffective in stopping the situation with Jenkins.

Wittstruck attempted to arrest Jenkins a second time in a short fight, pulling a gun from the suspect sweatshirt pocket and firing four times at Wittstruck, which was shot in the face and head.

Officer Wittstruck’s firearm had not been unsheathed and was fired at no point in the argument with Jenkins. “Officer Wittstruck fell to the ground and Jenkins escaped from the office,” Schmaderer said. “There were no security cameras in the office, but Officer Wittstruck’s body-worn camera recorded the whole incident. Security cameras recorded the suspect escaping the store and drove away in a white BMW. ”

Officer Joseph Kunza later arrived at the scene and, along with JC Penney employees, provided assistance to Wittstruck before being transported to Nebraska Medical Center in a critical situation.

According to Schmaderer, with the help of Nebraska State Patrol, a circle was placed around the area to search for Jenkins after he escaped the scene.