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Examiners on Monday charged a Colorado cop with second-degree attack after purportedly placing a man in an illicit strangle hold during an illegal conflagration capture recently.

Greeley cop Kenneth Amick, 48, has been put on neglected leave because of the police office’s examination concerning the supposed June 7 attack on Matthew Wilson, 36, police said in a proclamation.

At that point, Wilson griped that Amick, who was needed on a warrant, was utilizing exorbitant power by supposedly placing him in a strangle hold and requested a manager, police said. Two officials likewise later detailed what they accepted to be over the top power.


  • Greeley police officer Kenneth Amick allegedly choked 36-year-old Matthew Wilson during a June 7 arrest.
  • Wilson was arrested after allegedly threatening arson and began ‘agitating’ before Amick allegedly strangled Wilson.
  • In 2020, Colorado lawmakers ban police officers from using choke

In June 2020, Colorado administrators restricted cops from utilizing strangle holds and furthermore required cops to mediate on the off chance that they accept exorbitant power is being utilized as a component of a broad police change bill passed in fights over the killing of George Floyd. Amick, who has worked for Greeley police for a very long time, was eliminated from watch obligation while police directed their examination and the division later suggested that investigators accuse him of attack, driving him to be set on leave, police said.

On Monday, the workplace of nineteenth Judicial District Attorney Michael J. Rourke accused Amick of strangulation, a type of second-degree attack.

Court records don’t show if Amick has a legal advisor yet and there was no answer at two phone numbers recorded for him.

On June 7, officials reacted to the City Center North structure after somebody had actuated a frenzy caution. At the point when they showed up, a representative said that a man was conveying intimidations to torch it.

Officials reached Wilson at close by City Hall, realized there was a warrant for his capture and Amick put him in cuffs in the entryway, police said.

As Wilson was being accompanied outside, he became unsettled and griped that his wrists were harming from the binds.

Amick then ‘out of nowhere positioned Wilson into a strangle hold,’ police said. ‘Following a few seconds, Wilson showed sick impacts from this hold while being set on the ground. A subsequent official endeavored to mediate during this underlying experience.’

Wilson was then delivered from the strangle hold and kept on strolling to a watch vehicle.

However, Wilson, who was as yet cuffed, attempted to get Amick’s hand, which provoked Amick to hit Wilson’s legs with his knees prior to putting Wilson on the ground to attempt to quiet him down, police said. Officials then, at that point assisted Wilson with sponsorship and put him in a watch vehicle.

Two cops raised their interests about the capture and said they trusted Amick utilized extreme power. Examiners then, at that point alluded the case to the head prosecutor’s office in the wake of finding there was likely reason for charges.

In Colorado, lawful offenses, for example, the one Amick faces are deserving of somewhere in the range of two and six years in jail just as fines up to $500,000.

Amick, who is right now on neglected managerial while he hangs tight for his first court hearing on August 24, joined the Greeley Police Department in 2006.

He was granted an award of courage in January 2020, the most noteworthy embellishment for valiance showed by a public security official, revealed the Greeley Tribune.