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Kennedy Hobbs Wiki – Kennedy Hobbs Biography

Kennedy Hobbs was a young woman just beginning her life.

An entrepreneur started her own waxing business at the age of 17. In a video posted to Facebook, William Edwards, a close friend of Hobbs’ family, said he is prepared to do the right things and has a bright future.

“Kennedy had to grow up here and be successful and do her job,” She said, pointing to her small studio, Kaay’s Waxing Bar.

Kennedy Hobbs Age

She Was 18 Year Old

Kennedy Hobbs Fatally Shot Hours After High School Graduation, Investigation

A few hours earlier, Kennedy Hobbs was across the stage at his high school graduation.

She donned a pair of sparkly silver heels, straightened her hair under her royal blue hat, video of the ceremony was streamed live on their Facebook show. A photographer smiled as She took a picture of her holding her diploma: The next phase of her life was about to begin.
But Tuesday night was cut short when 18-year-old Jackson was shot three times at a Texaco gas station in Jackson.

Jackson Police Department spokesman Sam Brown said the woman died at the scene just before 11 p.m.

Brown said the attacker fled before the police arrived. Investigators were interviewing witnesses Wednesday. They did not disclose whether Hobbs knew his killer or did not say what circumstances led to his death.
The death of Hobbs, the daughter of a faculty member in the county, cast a shadow over the end of school year ceremonies scheduled for this week. The city was celebrating the graduations of its seven high schools after a year of challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple startups are planned so the area can limit crowds and enforce COVID-19 safety measures.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday between graduation ceremonies, Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Errick Greene said Hobbs was on everyone’s mind.

“It is very difficult to receive the news of the death of one of our beloved graduates this morning,” She said. “It’s really hard. And it shows how important this work we do is.”

“Whenever Greene speaks to alumni, She urges them to be mindful of their time on this earth and not put off chasing their dreams,” Greene said.

After news of Hobbs’ death, speaking at Wednesday’s graduation ceremony,  “really hit it a little differently,”

“It was a little more timely and meaningful as I challenged them to look left and right to understand that they might never see their classmates again,” she said.

Usually when She says this to students, it’s because She knows they will all follow different paths after they graduate.

“The truth is we don’t know when our last day will be,” She continued. “And so it’s important for us to be smarter about how we build our lives and how we plant positivity and peace in the world and in the community around us.”

Mississippi’s capital city saw a record number of murders in 2020, with nearly 130 murders in the city, with nearly 161,000 people killed. According to law enforcement, most of them were gun-related.

In 2021, the city is well on its way to surpassing this milestone. By the end of April, 50 people had been killed in Jackson.

Greene said he often asks what the school district can do to reduce violent crime in the city. She said education is one of the most powerful tools society has.