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Aidan Dunning was killed on the night of their engagement by Mark Brandford. A road sweeper who waged a “malicious campaign” to control him by sending candid photos of his employer and friends before killing his girlfriend was put in prison for life. Mark Brandford of Portsmouth, Hampshire, stabbed and killed 32-year-old Kayleigh Dunning using a crowbar while she was naked in her bed on the night of December 16, 2019. Brandford, 49, was also convicted at Portsmouth Crown Court. An allegation of revenge porn for disclosing private sexual photos to harass freelance cleaner Ms. Dunning between October 2018 and the date of her death. Judge Timothy Mousley QC, who convicted Brandford, said the murder was “premeditated and planned” and told him “You showed no emotion, let alone regret.

The judge said that Brandford opened a Facebook account to post candid pictures of his victim, showing all the peculiarities of his attempt to “control and force” Ms. Dunning. Jeremy has been described by friends and relatives as vulnerable, sensitive and in need of guidance. Her mother says she’s touchy and won’t back down from the argument. She was a popular and beloved one. Continuing the prosecution, Simon Jones said  had a jealous rage when he learned that Brandford had asked Mrs. Messages to Dean Drooney were described as the love of his life.
He said that Mr. Drooney sent him a message saying ‘Night Noodle, wuv you’ and said to him ‘Night night is more Doodle, xxx’. Mr. Jones said, ‘Mark Brandford’s jealousy finally drove him to murder. “He was the victim of a brutal and brutal attack, that is, blows that hit his head and neck that crushed his skull and cut the main artery in his neck.” The court heard that Brandford had hit him 30 times. crowbar before stabbing him nine times. The prosecutor also described how Brandford had also sent Ms. Dunning’s candid photos to friends, family and colleagues in order to control it, making her more emotionally and financially dependent on her.

He said: ‘The defendant attempted to target Kayleigh’s employers in order to send Reese’s sexual images to them. One of these images was a completely naked and unconscious Aidan, a photograph he took on a trip to the Isle of Wight. “The defendant was trying to create the illusion of Cassie being a follower, and that was something she could blame for covering up the murder.”