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A mother and three children were found dead in their home in Tullamarine, Victoria. The corpses of Katie Perinovic and her children Matthew (three), Anna (five) and Claire (seven) were found by Tomislav (48), the husband of the children’s father, Katie, after being named triple zero. 12:30 on Tuesday.

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She Was 42 Year Old

Katie Perinovic Found Dead

Three children and mother found dead inside home in Tullamarine, Melbourne Bodies found of girls aged five and seven, a three-year-old boy and their mother Emergency crews were called to the house in the city’s north-west on Thursday The children’s father is a ‘person of interest’ and is assisting police with inquiries He appeared ‘extremely distressed’ as he waited on his lawn for paramedics Police said the woman and her children ‘died in suspicious circumstances’ Investigators don’t believe there are other parties involved at this stage A father who called Triple-0 to tell the police that his wife and three young children died in the family home, looked “extremely miserable” in the front yard waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Emergency teams were called to the house on Burgess Street in Tullamarine, northwest of Melbourne, at 12:30 on Thursday. There they found the bodies of 43-year-old Katie Perinovic and three children: Claire, seven, Anna, five, and Matthew, three. Tomislav Perinovic, the 48-year-old father of the boys, is “an interested person” and helps the police in investigations. No official meeting has been held yet. According to The Herald Sun, it was found by paramedics sitting in the front yard of the house. Ms. Perinovic worked as a physical therapist at nearby Glenroy Physical Therapy for several years, but unexpectedly quit her job about three months ago. A mother of three may be in a state of depression. Acting Commissioner Robert Hill said his wife and children “died under suspicious circumstances” while the investigation was still at an early stage. “It has not yet been determined who was guilty of the deaths of four people, and we should not draw any conclusions at this time.” I said. He said it would be “largely unfair” to take the blame for helping the police. “We just need to understand the facts and unfortunately we don’t know them, but we will learn when the time is up,” he said. “We have a long way to go before we can understand and appreciate what happened.” When the emergency room arrived at the scene, it appears that the father looked “extremely miserable” on the street. He was standing miserable on the street, ”said the witness. Ref Comm Hill, who refused to comment on the nature of the family’s injuries, said investigators did not believe that other parties were involved in this phase. He said the police did not expect to sue tonight, but could not rule out the possibility. The police said there were no risks to the community and no history of domestic violence involving the family. Homicide detectives set up a crime scene on the property and confirmed that they investigated many different scenarios including police, murder, and suicide. They were shocked by the deaths that shook the place they described as a quiet area. Neighbor Marie Groves said that Ms. Perinovic was a devoted mother who came to her home to play with her children. was a very well-known, beautiful and very tall woman, she was so beautiful and every time she passed by she had a smile on her face (and she was always chatting with everyone,”  Tara Jenkins, who lives in the family nook, said was “totally devastated” by the “devastating” turn of events. These children were very small, just beautiful little children. “was always alone with them and she was a very loving mother,” she told The Age. We often said hello to each other while our children were playing. She was always so cheerful and kind… she was just a lovely woman. ‘ A neighbor living in the next building said he heard the noise from the emergency teams, but was advised to stay indoors. John Constantino, who also lives nearby, said he spoke to a woman who lived in the house on Wednesday night. He described her as “a good lady,” “kind,” and “really kind.” Another neighbor named Johnie said that his police helicopter flew over his house on Thursday for an hour. “Too much for such a local neighborhood,” he said. Officers remain at the scene as they begin their investigation. The statement made by the police said, “A man is helping the police in the investigation.” “A crime scene has been set up, and detectives from the Murder Desk are also joining.” The precise circumstances surrounding the event are investigated and we will provide further information as appropriate. “There is currently no continuing threat to the community.” Aerial footage taken Thursday afternoon shows a heavy police presence in front of a house. The street was cordoned off from the public. A local person called 3AW and reported the presence of police on Burgess Street around 1 pm. “I’m guessing ten police cars now,” he said. Ambulance teams were also photographed at the scene.